Not off to the best start

Thought I’d check in on my progress or lack of progress on my 100 Day Goals.

First a reminder of what they are:

1) Write 200,000 words.


2) Train for a half marathon.


3) Lose 25 pounds.


4) Meet new people.


5) Do things that make me happy 


And here I am 9 days in:

1) I’ve only got about 3000 words typed up. (gulp!)  Getting started on this new book has proven challenging.

2) Half marathon training starts in a couple of weeks. I’m flip-flopping every day (hell, every hour) on whether to do this, but I’m still running three times per week.

3) I’ve lost a whopping pound. (not that I made much effort, I’m distracted by so much else that’s going on)

4) I met someone new at yesterday’s running group. Nice lady. That counts, right?

5) I took pictures of rainbows. I tried to take pictures of hummingbirds. I planted my tomato seedlings. (the cucumbers did nothing, so I’m trying them again)  I watched a movie without doing anything else at the same time.  (Okay, this isn’t an impressive list, but they’re baby steps.)

Okay, time to refocus on my goals and get to work. What are you striving toward?


2 thoughts on “Not off to the best start

  1. I re-read the first 69 pages of the book I’m supposed to be editing – which was about as far as I got on the last attempt at editing. And I’m still stymied. I did figure out that I’m over-thinking this and basically getting in my own way, but now I have to figure out how to just think without overdoing it and stop stumbling over myself. Arrgghh.

    I think you’re doing fine on your goals. Pictures of rainbows are awesome. Pictures of hummingbirds are a witch unless you have time and patience and a hummingbird feeder to sit near enough to so when they do stop for a moment to drink you can snap a pic quick. And even then, they turn out blurry. ;o)

  2. jblynn says:

    B.E. — Stick with it. You’ll break thru the wall eventually. LOL, yes the hummingbirds were just blurs.

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