Forgot to blog yesterday because I was so busy. Sorry!

Yesterday I was thinking about reframing a lot. (Reframing in terms of thought processes, not picture framing or house framing or something evil like framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit.)

Reframing is one of those great cognitive tools that I often forget about, but it can work miracles. Here’s how it worked for me:

I was stressed because I had to pay my estimated quarterly taxes. (They’re due Monday, but I’m habitually early.)

I don’t think anyone likes paying taxes so I was in a grumbling kind of mood. (I’m not against taxes. After all, I enjoy their benefits as much as the next person. I’m just not a fan of paperwork in general.)

At some point, the thought popped into my head, “What are you bitching about? You make enough money from writing that you need to pay taxes on your income. That’s awesome.  Do you know how many people would love to be able to say that?”

All of the sudden the paperwork inconvenience was a validation. Cool, huh?

Of course I didn’t maintain that positive outlook. A couple of hours later I was totally overwhelmed with how much I’ve got going on and what I had to do.

Realizing I need to stem my worries before they overwhelmed me, I whipped out my handy meditation CD. (Personally I find that I focus better when I use a guided meditation, but more power to those of you who can do it without assistance.)

When I was calmer, I made an effort to reframe the situation. Here’s what I came up with: Sure, you have a lot to do, but everything is an amazing opportunity that you’ve earned by working hard. You’ve got this.

Okay, the whole “you’ve got this” was more pep talk than reframing, but it worked for me.

What I haven’t been able to reframe is my fatigue. I’m just wiped out. (Which is making things even harder than usual.) I should probably follow the advice I gave a friend earlier this week and cut back a little. A couple of people have suggested I quit running for a while since I don’t enjoy it and it’s causing me so much physical pain. I haven’t decided yet. I hate the idea of being a quitter, but something is going to have to give. Maybe I should reframe the idea of quitting?  😉

What do you reframe? Any special plans for the weekend?


7 Days Down, 93 to Go


One thought on “Reframing

  1. Taking a break isn’t quitting, it’s resting.

    Reframing, huh? So that’s what it’s called. I always figured it’s all in how you look at things. It’s like my mom said once when I was complaining about paying bills – “Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about whether you have the money to pay them.” (Referencing times in my life when I had to choose which bill would get paid and which ones would have to wait.) It’s like looking for the upside – because there is almost always an upside somewhere.

    Thanks for reminding me. And giving me a new word for it. =o)

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