Starting late, trumps never starting

I planted tomato and cucumber seeds last week on the first day of this 100 Day experiment.

(I liked the idea of trying to grow some new life while trying to grow my own life. I’m into sappy symbolism.)

I know it’s WAY too late in the season for the plants. I’ll probably end up with a whole lot of nothing.

So why’d I bother?

Because I firmly believe in this t-shirt I have that says:

Dead Last Finish, Beats Did Not Finish, Which Greatly Trumps Did Not Start

It’s a running shirt, but I happen to think it applies to a whole lot in life.

It’s OKAY to start late. It’s okay to be a beginner no matter how old you are. It’s awesome to start something new. It’s kind of cool to be a late bloomer.


This has been a year of huge firsts for me. Some of them were forced on me because of my divorce. Some are experiments to figure out who I am and what I like. Some are conscious efforts to try things that are new or outside my comfort zone.

I’ve never grown vegetables before (and I’m guessing that I won’t this year either, but I’ll try).

I run with a group on Saturday mornings. (seriously, sooooo far out of my comfort zone)

I’ve been working on a project I’m not ready to share yet.

Speaking of projects: I just started writing a new Matchmaker Mystery. Yesterday’s start was painfully slow, only 765 words. You can see the beginning here. Maybe you’ll be able to supply an answer I’m looking for and make it into the book!

Are you a late bloomer? Are there things you’re dying to try, but are afraid to start?

 4 Days Down, 96 to Go


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