Dark and Stormy — Flash Fiction

Donna at Girl Who Reads offered up a writing prompt this week. I took up the challenge (it’s fun!). You can too!


It was a dark, stormy night and the roads were deserted.  I had just pulled up to a red light when I heard it.


The old, familiar tune whispered on the night breeze. I cracked my window open to hear it better.  It was a song that reminded me of one of those long ago summers.


A summer I’d rather forget.


I closed the window tight, turned on my car radio to drown out the noise, and glared at the red light, willing it to change so that I could accelerate away.


The moment it turned green, my foot hit the gas. I sped through the empty streets, ignoring the posted speed limits, desperately trying to outrun the memories of that fateful summer…of a different speeding car.


My tires squealed as I slammed on the brakes to avoid another car that cut across my path.


Leaving a path of burnt rubber, the other vehicle turned and raced back toward me.


My heart stopped when I recognized the paint job, the sea of flames glinting off the dark background. Summers ago I’d thought they were the fire of Hell. I’d thought the driver was the devil himself.


He looked at me now, his gaze boring into my soul.


I heard it again. That song.


Fingers trembling, I turned off my radio.


The song was coming from his car.


A shiver of fear raced down my spine.


He revved his engine, the deep, rumble a warning growl.


I heard the message. He was going to exact his revenge. It was my fault the love of his life was dead. It was time for me to join her.


His car hurtled toward me.


I’ve always hated that song.


7 thoughts on “Dark and Stormy — Flash Fiction

  1. Liss Thomas says:

    That was a good one. I didn’t expect it!

  2. Oooo, creepy. Good one.

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