What’s in YOUR stress kit?

I read this piece over at Monday Morning Tea and it got me to thinking about what I keep near where I work for stress relief.

What do YOU keep handy?

Here’s what I’ve got:

Voodoo Dolls



My singing goat Yes, I’m actually a proud owner of one of these.


Stress Cupcake









8 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR stress kit?

  1. A.) Did you change the layout of your blog? Very nice! ;0)
    B.) I HAVE GOT to get me a VooDoo Ninja! Awesomeness.
    C.) A Stress Kit… Genius!
    I totally need to build one of those! This last couple of weeks have been riddled with stress, and I started out strong, but the last few days, I find myself dragging… I am *sad to admit* one of those people who think I can handle everything, for everyone, then when exhaustion hits, I’m like martyr-ish… It is one of my least fav qualities about myself, but I see when I’m doing it, and I pray for strength and patience… and try to talk very little [cuz when I’m tired, I’m not always the nicest person ;( ]

    I shall go read that post at Monday Morning Tea… thanks! *and good timing*

  2. First, I need a stress kit! But, Dessert flavored gum!! I may have to find me some of that regardless. A voodoo ninja – I like that one – I can stick pins in it with labels for all those who reject me!
    My greatest stress buster is actually the one thing that I should be doing and never seem to have time to do for any length except in the middle of the night. WRITING!
    I’ve been totally stressed out lately with family drama, an ereader threatening to die on me at any moment with a TBR mountain waiting, and my WIPs whirling around in my head, and my characters not being able to get out in prose because something keeps coming up to steal my planned writing time. They’ve taken over my dreams which makes me feel guilty and then I wake up all tense and achy.
    I need that gum – I can chew away the tension while I finally get some writing done!! Yes, that’s the plan. That and reading the post at Monday Morning Tea. Thanks JB!! : )

    • jblynn says:

      The gum is AWESOME, Amy. It tastes great and the flavor lasts forever….plus it’s guilt-free.

      Sorry you’re so stressed out. Get writing!

  3. Angie says:

    Hi! I’m the one who wrote that post…and I LOVE your additions to the stress kit! The voodoo ninja reminds me of a toy I got at ThinkGeek years ago — it was a little plastic gun that shot tiny plastic ninjas. Now I’m going to have to track that down again. 😉

    Thanks so much for the mention and the link!

  4. I think my stress kit is composed entirely of coffee and cigarettes.

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