All the Killer Chicks are chiming in with their plans for the year. Join in our discussion.

Meanwhile, over here, I’m tracking my progress as I try to reach the goals I’ve set for myself for 2013.   I hope you’ll jump in and share your goals/resolutions and more importantly, the progress YOU are making. As you’ll see, I’m far from perfect when it comes to my own.  🙂

The bolded section is what I accomplished on 1/2/13.  The italics are my goals for the year.

Stick to my writing/publication schedule  –  Blech! I only wrote about 1700 words…the goal was to write 3000. BUT I did get a lot of promo work done.

 Blog about my progress 5 times per week – Here I am again! 

 Run three times per week/race six times in year/walk 365 miles –  Walked 1 mile and baby, was it COLD outside!

 Run with someone other than the dog or Long Suffering two times-

 Lose twenty pounds- 

 Practice yoga or meditation AND strength training 3x per week-  Did some upper body strength training. 

 Take a class/attend a conference- 

 Find a volunteer opportunity I actually like- 

 Take a photograph every day (and try to post them)-  

I tried to capture the winter sunset through the bare trees, but didn’t quite capture the colors. 

Banish excuses!-  working at it!

I hope you’re doing better than I am. Are you??


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  1. Awesome progress! You’re doing great at your short-term day-to-day goals. The longer term ones will come in time.

    I spent yesterday morning stewing over whether the Hubs’ big thing would go well. (It did. Still no info other than he did it.) And then I took down the Christmas decorations, which turned into a game of sorting what to keep and what to chuck, which then morphed into looking at old greeting cards. Not necessarily the most productive day, but I did get all the decorations we’re keeping into one big tub, so that’s something.

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