I’m amused by the storm madness

Here in the Northeast, as we wait to get slammed by FRANKENSTORM (coming to a sci-fi channel near you!) people are losing their minds. (assuming they had ones to begin with)

The management company for my community is always sending out asinine announcements, but this one for disaster preparedness may be my favorite of all. It ends with the line:

Store drinking water in clean jugs, bottles, and cooking utensils.

Yes, they’re asking us to store drinking water in spoons! or worse in tongs….have you ever tried to drink from a pair of tongs???


4 thoughts on “I’m amused by the storm madness

  1. I always wonder about why they feel they have to tell you this. Like “Don’t store drinking water in your toilet! Don’t store it in dirty dishes! Don’t store it in bowls sitting out in the yard!”

  2. You could always use a turkey baster. That might be fun to drink out of. ;o)

  3. jblynn says:

    Laura — I think it’s because people DO drink out of the toilet

    B.E. — The turkey baster is a great idea…I shall forward it to the powers that be

  4. JenC says:

    You know, they have to cover all bases. You never know who might have no clue how to store their water. I remember reading an article once about the trend for people in the city to walk to work – and one of the check points was they should always remember to make sure they were wearing socks and their shoes were tied. I think if you can hold down a job, you should be trusted to dress your feet propertly – but I could be wrong.

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