Why is it my epiphanies are so often accompanied by

my saying, “Oh crap!”????

I’ve been STRUGGLING with my WIP and I FINALLY think I’ve figured out what’s wrong.

After spending countless hours writing and rewriting and mired in plotting and character development, the issue came to me as an epiphany while trying to not fall over (I couldn’t feel my feet, since I got injections of cortisone in each) while picking up dog poop.

It is of course, not an easy fix, but a challenging one that I think is necessary.

Is it any wonder I said, “Oh crap!”????

Have you had any epiphanies lately? Or have you fallen over?


4 thoughts on “Why is it my epiphanies are so often accompanied by

  1. JenC says:

    First, I hope the cortisone shots help so you can get back to running.

    Second, I’ve been trying to avoid epiphanies this year. They always tend to mean more work for me. I’m not scheduling any epiphanies until at least the end of 2013. 😉

  2. jblynn says:

    I’d never thought to schedule epiphanies…brilliant idea.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hooray for breakthroughs! I haven’t had any awesome ones in a while LOL — but I’ll gladly live vicariously through yours!

  4. jblynn says:

    Lindsay — You’ll have yours soon. 🙂

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