Are you bad with names?

I am.

Absolutely terrible. I often can’t remember the names of people I’ve known for more than ten years. (Granted they’re usually people I don’t like, but still…)

Pity the copy editor who had to go through FURTHER CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN. I spell names inconsistently, or, even worse, I couldn’t remember my main character’s last name.

How difficult is it to remember a name as simple as Lee???

More than once I’ve called her by the last name of another character from a completely unrelated book!

How are you with names? And do you care to name any plans you have for the weekend?


8 thoughts on “Are you bad with names?

  1. I’m awful with names and I really pity my poor editor. It’s nothing for me to call one character by three different names.

    I’m usually okay with people I’ve known ten years. I can’t, however, remember someone’s name for more than 20 seconds after being introduced. 🙂

  2. jblynn says:

    Thanks, Shirley! Glad to know I’m not the only one. What’s worse is when someone mentions one of my characters to me and I have NO idea who they’re talking about because after the book was written, my agent or editor asked me to change it, lol.

  3. I’m okay with the names of my characters while I’m writing the book – most of the time. Except for that time I kept alternating on Troy or Tony for this secondary character. After I’m done writing it, it’s worse. Like that suspense I was telling you about – the MC’s full name is one thing but in the query I wrote recently, I called her something else. (Caught it before I sent any queries out, thank goodness.)

    In real life, I’m totally crappy with names, too. On any given day, I’ll see a face I know I know, but the person’s name will escape me. I need everyone to wear nametags.

    Weekend plans? A super secret birthday shopping mission is planned for tomorrow morning. The daughter turns 19 on Sunday. Bwa haha. She thinks she’s getting a card and cash.

  4. Casey L Conley says:

    Good gawd, yes! I’m terrible with names… I have one character in my book that has to be close to four different last names throughout. I haven’t bothered to fix it yet. 😉

    I have a three day weekend…so I’m hoping to have three 5k (wrd count) days! (and read Freak, of course!)

    P.s. I pre ordered Further Confessions!! WooHoo!

  5. jblynn says:

    B.E. — I’m too myopic for name tags. Sounds like you’ve got a great weekend planned. Enjoy!

    Casey — Wow, that’ll be a busy weekend! The reviews for FREAK have been great, haven’t they?

    Thanks for ordering Further Confessions!

  6. Kate Perry says:

    Actually, I’m pretty good with names, Jaimie.


  7. JenC says:

    I have to constantly refer back to lists or cheat sheets when I’m writing in order to keep names straight. I have called my characters by the wrong name. In RL I’m terrible with names as well. I don’t forget faces but names…I’m a blank. [My biggest fear is that someone will forget MY name…or at least cause me to think for a moment that they have forgotten my name…[wink wink]]

  8. jblynn says:

    Kate — Hahaha! Yesterday an old friend couldn’t find my phone number in her phone because she couldn’t remember what she called me.

    JenC — ROFLMAO (wink wink!)

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