And miles to go before I race

October is going to be a big, exciting month for me. Not only is the sequel to CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN going to be published, but I’ll be doing my third half-marathon.

I just wrote up my training schedule for the next three months and then I crunched the numbers and this is what I’ve got on my plate:

Miles to Run: about 200 (I know from experience that if I push my mileage much above this, I’m more prone to injury.)

Miles to Walk: 50 -75 Easiest to do. I walk at the dog’s pace and allow my mind to wander.

Core Workouts: I really hate working my core, but it’s a necessary evil, so I’ve schedule 45 SHORT (5-10 minutes) core workouts.

Knees: I have bad knees so I’ve got to strengthen & stretch my legs. (I despise this almost as much as working my core. SIGH) I’ve scheduled 15 thirty-minute sessions and 36 seven-minute sessions.

Strength Training: I actually like strength training…but end up doing less of it the more I run. 25 strength sessions of fifteen to forty-five minutes.

To some people this may seem like a lot. To others it may seem like very little. I’m hoping that for me, it’ll be “just right”.

What do you have planned for the next three months?
This week’s long run should be 8 miles…hoping to do it when it’s less humid…


One thought on “And miles to go before I race

  1. My knees are shot, so much so that I’m having trouble climbing the stairs. Anyway, I started taking that glucosamine chondroitin supplement thing a few weeks ago, and it’s really working wonders for me. I don’t know if you take supplements (lord knows, I usually don’t), but it’s an idea. (As long as you aren’t allergic to shellfish because it’s made from shellfish and sea cucumbers.)

    The next 3 months?? I’m lucky if I have plans through the end of the week. But let’s see… Finish this rewrite, finish critiquing that guy’s book, start working on the crits he gave me, and maybe see if I can finish the first draft of that other suspense because it crawled out of the back of my head yesterday and now won’t leave me alone.

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