Anchovies & Candy Corn? Teaser Tuesday

Here’s a little snippet from my WIP (the sequel to CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN):

“I see a disco ball in your future.” Aramani Vasquez, the closest thing I had to a friend at Insuring the Future delivered this pronouncement right after she sprinkled a handful of candy corn into her Caesar salad.

Disgusted by her food combination, I pushed my own peanut butter and jelly sandwich away. “Really? A disco ball?”

If you’d told me a month ago that I’d be leaning over a table in the lunchroom, paying close attention to the bizarre premonitions of my half-crippled-wanna-be-psychic co-worker, I would have said you were crazy.

But I’d had one hell of a month.

First there had been the car accident. My sister Teresa and her husband Dirk were killed, my four-year-old niece Katie wound up in a coma, and I ended up with the ability to talk to animals. Trust me I know exactly how crazy that sounds, but it’s true…I think.

On top of everything else, I inadvertently found myself hurtling down a career path I never could have imagined.

I’m now a hitwoman for hire. Yes, I kill people for money…but just so you know, I don’t go around killing just anyone. I’ve got standards. The two men I killed were bad men, very bad men.

What strange food combos gross YOU out?

I love fruit (apples, berries, oranges) in salad and I know some people can’t stand that.


4 thoughts on “Anchovies & Candy Corn? Teaser Tuesday

  1. Oh, that wacky Aramani. Yeah, candy corn in a Caesar salad sounds kinda gross. I eat a lot of things other people think are gross – bacon or sausage and jelly sandwiches, pork chops with rice and tomato gravy, mayo on hotdogs. :shrug:

  2. JB Lynn says:

    My dad ate liverwurst and grape jelly sandwiches (((shudder))) so I’m not surprised by breakfast meat and jelly combos

  3. lexacain says:

    Wow! Love the voice and the idea. I really wanted to read more. It sounds like you have more than a dash of black comedy in your WIP, and I love that. I wish I could do it, but my writing veers into dark and stays there. 🙂

  4. jblynn says:

    Thanks, Lexa! I ADORE the voice of my Hitwoman books. My book The First Victim was VERY dark, so these are a nice break. Thanks for stopping by!

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