The Department of Missing Scenes

I keep looking back in CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN to make sure I don’t get certain details wrong in the sequel.

But sometimes I can’t find the scenes I’m convinced I wrote.

Did I write them and delete them from the final manuscript?

Did I write them in a notebook, but not type them into the computer?

Did I not write them at all, just imagined them on an endless loop until they became real to me?

Is there a Department of Missing Scenes?

(yes, I AM losing my mind  — duhhh!)


3 thoughts on “The Department of Missing Scenes

  1. Oooh, I know how you feel. I revised my first book so many times that I can’t remember which scenes I kept and which scenes I didn’t! I guess we need to start keeping some kind of “bible”, huh?

  2. JenC says:

    I have so many scenes floating around in my head – and I know a lot of them were never written down, yet I remember them as if I’d seen them in a movie. Jennifer’s bible idea is a good one – I’m working on one of those for my new series – too many details to keep track of.

  3. Kate Perry says:

    My problem is just the opposite–there are always scenes I don’t remember writing. I blame Book Gremlins (they exist).

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