Best laid plans…

You know when you have a jam-packed day planned and something happens to throw everything off? That’s today.

Instead of getting out the door at seven this morning as planned, I had to waste a couple of hours waiting for a repariman to come and fix the hot water heater which suddenly conked out last night.

Hope your week is off to a better start. Any fun/exciting plans??


4 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. Ack, I hate it when that happens. I started my chauffeur duties – since the Kid has a job now, but no car. So, no, nothing too exciting. I did get a great recipe for Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies from this cute book I just finished – Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates – but now it’s too hot to cook. (And who needs the calories anyway, right?) ;o)

  2. JB Lynn says:

    Love the title of that book! I love Pb but HATE it in anything baked or with chocolate

  3. Lindsay says:

    My kids baseball is literally overtaking my life. Ugh. For a secondary sport, it sure is a time suck LOL! No huge plans, but just shipped off some major revisions so I’m happy!

  4. jblynn says:

    Lindsay — Yay for finishing up those revisions!

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