When the preparation finally pays off

One of the reasons we adopted Dog 2, aka Doomsday, was that I wanted a running partner.

Of course life rarely works out the way we plan.

For one thing, DH started running with me not long after we’d adopted the dog.

For another, the dog needed training on the leash and for some behavioral issues, not the easiest task with a mutt who weighs close to 70 pounds.

We adopted Doomsday in September and today was the first time I really ran with her.  And it was FANTASTIC. She behaved beautifully.

There were times, on all these months of training walks, that I despaired that she’d never “get it”. Because her progress was incremental, I often didn’t even register how far she’d come.

A lot of things in life are like that. We get so caught up in the steps to prepare for something that we fail to notice the progress we’re making. Or we’re so focused on the future goal that we don’t notice how freaking good the here-and-now really is.

A year ago having a running partner was just a dream. Now I have two!

What are YOU preparing for? What kind of progress are YOU making?


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