Dreaming about Doctor Who

There’s a direct correlation between how stressed I am and the content of my dreams.

Last night I dreamed that Doctor Who (the Matt Smith version) kept telling me my manuscript is “cool”.

If you don’t watch Doctor Who you probably think that’s a good thing, but it’s not. Whatever the Doctor thinks is “cool” is most definitely not.

I woke up to an overwhelming feeling of failure.

What kinds of weird dreams have you had lately?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming about Doctor Who

  1. Sorry Dr. Who was being mean to you in your dreams. :hugs:

    I can’t remember any dreams at the moment, but I must’ve been dreaming about The Love Boat last night because I woke up with the theme song in my head. =o\

  2. Casey L Conley says:

    Aww…mean Dr. subconscious Who.. 😦 Don’t you listen!

    I have been having this dream that my old office,(which I just left last month) tells me that I’m a whole month behind and must come back immediately! The horror :/

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