2012 Goal Progress — January 16th

I had a terrible week.

And I was really stupid because I allowed something that was beyond my control to eat away at my energy and creativity.

PLUS I forgot to do my twice daily check-ins with my goals. Needless to say, I made very little progress with any of them.

How are YOU doing with YOUR goals/resolutions?

How do YOU bounce back from setbacks?



4 thoughts on “2012 Goal Progress — January 16th

  1. I rolled over 60K last night on my WIP. Which, when you think about it, means I only did about 13K so far this month. (And that’s because I cranked out 4K yesterday.) Not the progress toward my goal I wanted to make, but it’s better than nothing.

    Sorry you had a terrible week. :hugs: The most important thing about bouncing back, I think, is recognizing you had a setback and then putting it aside so you can move forward. Easier said than done, I know.

  2. JenA says:

    I’m not good at bouncing back, I tend to dwell, so my goal for the year is to let things go. I don’t know how well i’m doing yet. As for my writing project – I’m at approx 35,000 words since the beginning of January. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum.

  3. jblynn says:

    B.E. — Progress is progress, don’t discount it.

    Jen — I’m definitely a dweller. Esp when it comes to things I feel I have no control over.

  4. Kate Perry says:

    To bounce back from setbacks, I go for a walk, do yoga, and then eat a donut (with milk, of course). I guarantee this method will cure you every time.

    Um, YOU might need to substitute coffee for the milk. That’s just how you roll.

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