Got Goals? January 2012

I’m a big believer in setting goals. I don’t always achieve them (in fact, when I reviewed my goals for last year, I only met about half of them) but I think the act of defining them and checking in on your progress can help you to be more successful. I tend to go with the, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” approach.

So here are my goals for 2012. I hope you’ll share yours. Last year I tried to report on my progress once a month, this year I’m going to try to do it every Monday. I hope you’ll also share your progress weekly. Being accountable to one another can help us all do better.

Goals for 2012

Write 10,000 words of fiction per week (I tend to throw out a lot of what I write, so I hope this will result in my writing three books this year.)

Blog three times per week

Run three times per week…race six times this year (Since I did a 5k yesterday, I’m already making progress on this

Practice Tai Chi three times per week  I just started doing a Tai Chi video…it’s more challenging than I’d anticipated

Read two dozen books  I used to read a lot more and I miss it.

Be true to myself  I tend to make decisions based on what others want/need/prefer rather than my desires. This isn’t working, so I’m trying a new approach.

What are YOUR goals for 2012??


6 thoughts on “Got Goals? January 2012

  1. Awesome goals, JB. 10K a week? Wow. I’ll be rooting for you. And I love the goal of being true to yourself. =o)

    My goal post went up on the blog this morning. We’ll see how I do (especially since I’ve haven’t really been a goal setter.) Here’s hoping 2012 rocks.

  2. jblynn says:

    B.E. — I really like the idea of your half-year goals. Thanks for sharing them. Rock out 2012!!!!!

  3. You’ve got great goals, and I think you did a fabulous job of reaching many of them last year. And I agree, defining what you want to achieve helps make it happen.

    This year, I want to lose another pant size (I lost two sizes last year), and I want to write a new book. And I’ll steal one of yours… I also want to be true to myself. 🙂

  4. RunnerGirl says:

    Goals : Read the 3 books that you will write and get published this year 🙂

    Learn how to knit/crochet —I have been trying to perfect the loom…which is already giving me trouble, then I can move on to “real crocheting”

    Get to the GYM at lest 3x a week for strength training.

    Run 4 times a week

    Finish training without injury for the Marathon I am training for so I do not have to drop down to the half ( which is still a great goal)

    Finish the Marathon in under 5 hours.

    Raise alot of $$ for charity

    I to love and want to borrow be true to me. Work hard on me.
    Rid myself of all the negative people that bring me down and KEEP the people who keep me up.

  5. jblynn says:

    Jennifer — I like your goals! (and congrats on all you accomplished last year…loved the “pinball” post on your blog)

    RG — LOL crocheting was one of my goals a few years ago. I ended up giving it up because my hands hurt too much, but it was a great stress reliever. It was satisfying to have something that was visibly “finished” every day. Hope you have fun with it.

  6. RunnerGirl says:

    JB – lol –my hands HURT especially my left one. Its pathetic! My 12 year old son knit me a scarf in two days on the loom and is now knitting a shawl for his grandma that is about 2 feet across! I am not even 1/5 of the way there. My other son is working on his 3rd! I am a sorry excuse for a mom if my son is teaching me…lol!

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