What are YOU Reading etc… 12-23-11

READING —  I’m stalking myself…pathetic I know, but I’m reading everything that comes out about CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN.

WATCHING — The crowds at the stores. Don’t you people know that Christmas is always on December 25th?? Would it kill you to PLAN AHEAD?!?!?!

LISTENING — I’m listening to The Hero’s 2 Journey’s by Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler.

WRITING — Making progress on my WIP and writing guest blog posts for next month.

RUNNING — Went to my favorite park for a knee-saving trail run today.

EATING — Mmmm, made chicken tikki masala in the crockpot. DElish!

What’s kept you entertained this week?


2 thoughts on “What are YOU Reading etc… 12-23-11

  1. Heh… self-stalker! And I totally hear you about the crowds, but my husband is one of those ‘don’t shop until 12/24’ kind of people. We’ll see what his trip into madness brings. LOL

    Reading: I just finished Left Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins. She rocked it out.

    Watching: My copy of Muppet Christmas Carol arrived yesterday, so we watched it. Yay!

    Listening: to the birds chirping outside my window. They’re reminding me to refill the feeder.

    Writing: Still slogging through the middle of my WIP. It’s still a hot mess, but I love it.

    Running: Up and down the basement stairs tending to outside kitty who’s inside until the temps get above freezing. He’s bored and I’m tired.

    Eating: Tomorrow I’m making a huge ham for three people. Want to bet what next week’s answer to this question will be?

  2. Cyndi says:

    I think you need to post these delicious recipes you post about!

    Who wouldn’t want to self-stalk with a new book coming out. Be sure to keep us posted on all of the great news and reviews!!!

    Reading: STILL The Fellowship of hte Ring. I read before sleep, and I usually don’t make it very long.

    Watching: kids’ tv and Food Network

    Listening: Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD.

    Writing: series overview

    Running: doing some 3 milers around town and jumping rope.

    Eating: anything that I can find in the fridge. I’ve been a terrible food shopper lately.

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