What are you Reading, Watching, etc 12-16-11

READING — I’m almost done with contest entries. When I’m thru, I think I’ll write a post about how NOT to package your entry.

WATCHING — Unhappy that new episodes of  JUSTIFIED and WHITE COLLAR will be on opposite each other next month. Sorry, WHITE COLLAR but I predicted last season’s finale episode during the premiere of last season.

LISTENING — I’ve invented a new game. Every time I hear a Christmas song I try to remember whether the singer is living or dead.

WRITING — The WIP that will never end.

RUNNING — Up to equal parts running and walking. Making progress.

EATING — Trying out a new appetizer this weekend. I”ll report how it turned out next week.

What kept YOU entertained this week?

Don’t forget,  CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN is available for pre-sale on Amazon.


3 thoughts on “What are you Reading, Watching, etc 12-16-11

  1. Kate Perry says:

    “What kept YOU entertained this week?”

    My belly button.


    Sorry–I couldn’t help reverting to the five-year old within.

  2. “Every time I hear a Christmas song I try to remember whether the singer is living or dead.” Snicker snicker snicker snicker!

    Reading: Just finished ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins. I liked it.

    Writing: Nada.

    Watching: I watched CRAZY STUPID LOVE last night. It was funny! And boy, that Ryan Gosling is so dang fine…

    Listening: Nada.

    Eating: Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Butter Cookies. Yes, every word of this treat is delightful.

    Running: Unless packing counts, haven’t worked out all week.

  3. Hitwoman is on my wishlist. =o)

    Reading: Slayers by CJ Hill – wicked awesome YA about teens training to fight dragons.

    Watching: Top Chef – I really like Grayson, and I really want Heather to go home.

    Listening: Since the kid is now home for semester break, we’ll be starting the baking and listening to Christmas music. Yay!

    Writing: I took a couple days off mid-week, so I’ll be writing my fingers off this weekend to catch up.

    Running: I ran up to Ft. Collins to get the kid yesterday, does that count? As tired as I get from these trips, you’d think driving would burn more calories.

    Eating: I made a celebratory steak dinner to welcome the kid home. I also bought some eggnog ice cream, but was too full to get into it.

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