What are you READING, Watching, Writing this week? 11-18-11

Reading — Didn’t like the book so I’m not saying


Watching — A couple of episodes of last season’s CHUCK. I heart Adam Baldwin.


Writing — Working on my WIP….would rather be doing something else


Listening — to the endless Occupy Wall Street coverage


Eating — Going for Indian food this weekend!


What entertained you this week?


7 thoughts on “What are you READING, Watching, Writing this week? 11-18-11

  1. I may have to go for Indian food this weekend too, now that you mentioned it! Tikka masala and samosas… mmmm…

    Reading: Just started John Grisham’s THE LITIGATORS. So far, so good.

    Watching: Needed to watch something brainless today, so Real Housewives of Beverly Hills did the trick (don’t judge me)

    Writing: Blog posts and interviews for UK sites.

    Listening: Rihanna’s You Da One

    Eating: Made a steak stir fry the other night that turned out well.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Sorry you didn’t like the book you’re reading. I hate when that happens.

    Reading: The first Runelords book by David Farland.

    Watching: Last night I caught bits of the Swampsgiving special on Swamp People while I was writing. That Troy Landry cracks me up.

    Writing: five and a half chapters to go on this rewrite!

    Listening: I’m planning on buying Andy Grammer’s debut CD today – if I can find it. His ‘Keep Your Head Up’ is awesome and the rest of the songs sound pretty good, too.

    Eating: mini-Turtle brownies. Don’t judge. They were on sale. Aren’t sale foods lower in calories or something??

    What’s really entertaining me is that I get to pick up my kid today. :snoopy dance: I haven’t seen her since Sept.6 and I get to have her home for a whole ten days. Squee.

  3. jblynn says:

    I think it’s amusing that both of you said not to judge you. Feeling guilty????

    Jennifer — Really? The Housewives??? Well I guess if you needed something brainless…. Love the cover for your UK release!

    B.E. — I LOVE “Keep Your Head Up” Please let me know if the rest of the album is worth it.

  4. Of course I’m feeling guilty. LOL And I totally missed where Jennifer said not to judge her – too funny. The rest of the album is awesome! Totally worth the money. =o)

  5. jblynn says:

    I’ll have to add the album to my wish list. Thanks!

  6. RunnerGirl says:

    READING – My Lost Daughter, forget the author…so far so good.
    I was getting Harlen Cobened out…I read tooooo many in a row. But LOVE him

    WRITING – tons of emails to people that I am involvd with for volunteer work

    WATCHING – WWE with my boys….and dont get a chance for much else 😦

    LISTENING : oln my Lady Gaga kick AGAIN and Irish Music/Soundtracks —-yes I am a geek

    EAGTING – awesome butternut squash & apple soup I made 2 weeks ago but froze . YUM YUM YUM!
    Jealous abou the Indian food. I love and never get to go since I am the only one here who likes it. I ‘ll have to find a lunch buddy for that one !

  7. RunnerGirl says:

    and obviously not re-reading my blog post to you for spelling errors!
    YIKES sorry! LOL

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