What two things are you doing this Tuesday?

1) I’m working on my work-in-progress. (Yesterday I wrote 2500 words. I’m hoping to write 4k today.)

2) I’m signing up for a running class. (To be honest, this TERRIFIES me.)

What about you? Tell me two things you’re doing!


3 thoughts on “What two things are you doing this Tuesday?

  1. I missed this post yesterday, so I’ll have to go with two things I did yesterday:

    1) waited around most of the day for my car to be fixed

    2) walked to the dealer

    Way to go on the 2500. I hope you hit your 4K. I didn’t get any writing done over here (because I just knew as soon as I got on a roll, the dealer would call… I should’ve written anyway).

    Ooo, a running class. I could never do it, but good for you. A friend of mine runs and she always amazes me. =o)

  2. jblynn says:

    Ugggh, doesn’t sound like the best of days. Hope your car is okay now!

    I hate to run. I love to walk. I like to do half marathons…they’d go quicker if I ran….

  3. The car needed a new fuel pump, but it’s doing well now. :crosses fingers: Thanks. =o)

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