October Rain

It rained all day today in my neck of the woods and there were some mighty gusts of wind. Leaves were blown from the trees and you were soaked in the time it took to get from the door to the car.

I was in heaven.

I LOVE when it rains in October. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cool, crisp October day with a brilliant blue sky too, but there’s something about rain in October that makes me smile.

What’s your favorite kind of weather? (Yes, we’re discussing the weather.)


4 thoughts on “October Rain

  1. Let’s discuss the weather!

    My favorite kind of day is when it’s sunny with a few clouds, cool but not cold, and all the leaves on the trees are red and gold.

    My favorite kind of night is when it thunderstorms.

  2. jblynn says:

    I’m a sucker for thunderstorms too….provided the dogs aren’t driving me nuts. Otherwise a steady pounding rain on the roof is always a welcome lullaby.

  3. I love a good spring morning, where it’s crisp, but you know it’s going to get pretty. Or a nice afternoon in the ’70s with a light breeze blowing the scent of lilacs toward you.

    Thunderstorms freak me out, but I’m fascinated by them. Out here in Kansas-lite (aka eastern Colorado), thunderstorms mean tornadoes, hail, etc. and I can’t help but watch – even though I know I ought to be in the basement cowering under a pile of pillows.

    • jblynn says:

      Spring mornings always feel like they’re full of possibility.

      You get big hail out there, don’t you? Tornadoes scare me to death — too much Wizard of Oz???

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