Why DH names our pets

I wanted to name the parrot Verbal…after the character Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects played by Kevin Spacey. DH didn’t like the name, so we went with “Senegal Sam”…which was probably a good thing since Senegal parrots don’t talk and it would have been really stupid to have a non-talking bird named Verbal.

I wanted to name Dog Number One “Cujo”. Obviously this was all kinds of wrong…not to mention that CUJO isn’t even one of my favorite King books.

I wanted to name the New Dog “Doomsday”…again, not a moniker a creature should be burdened with.

So that’s why the responsibilty of naming our pets falls to DH.

How did you name YOUR pets?


6 thoughts on “Why DH names our pets

  1. LOL… Doomsday Dog. I love it.

    My pets are Kira and Max. Kira was a birthday present for the daughter, and I made a list of names for her to choose from. She almost ended up as Calliope, but it didn’t fit. Kira felt so much more right. And Max? He was a stray in the neighborhood, and I just threw out a name for him like all the other strays. When we ended up making him our pet, the name was already in place. (And don’t ask where I came up with Max for him. It just popped into my head.) Of course, now he has a full name – Maximillian Mew – or on some days Hairy Maxy Drooly Face.

  2. RunnerGirl says:

    Hence why he should NOT quit his day job! LOL —-love Cujo.

    My two dogs….I lost on both. Kids &husband picked ( even though, he SWORE we would never get a dog 5 years ago, now we have two)
    Biscuit – although sappy, our terrier mutt–my son named. It was the first book he could read, he could read in preschool. The book was about a dog named BISCUIT, so at least it has a sweet sentiment to it.

  3. My husband insists on naming our pets. That was the condition for us getting the first cat – he got to name him. What he doens’t realize is, I let him pick the nicknames, but I choose the full names. Hence his choice of Topper, Onyx and Ranger for the cats is secondary to their real names, Sir Toppington, Onyxander Dax and Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. 😉

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