What are you reading/watching/eating 8-12-11

Hope everyone is making progress on their projects. I fell WAY behind while away, but I feel slightly recharged so it wasn’t a total loss.

READING — A book I think I’m going to decide I hate, so I’m not going to name it here.

WATCHING — I’d like to thank the writers of WHITE COLLAR for finally getting around to doing exactly what I said they’d do at the beginning of the season. DH does not thank them since I crowed, “I TOLD you that’s what would happen!”. As a side note, kudos to Tim DeKay for the last scene of the episode. Well directed and acted. He did an outstanding job imho.

LISTENING – My iPod died at mile 8 of the half marathon. For the next five miles I listened to heavy breathing, pouring rain, people bitching about pain and the pouring rain, and an awesome Latin band (that I think was around mile 10 but it’s all a blur).

WRITING — Hahahaha!

EATING — Had a lamb burger. Served by a terrible waiter. I wanted the falafel but it took him fifteen minutes to determine that the restaurant was out of falafel, so when the burger came with the olive tapenade on it (instead of on the side as I’d requested) I just ate it since I was ravenous (having finished 13.1 miles an hour before).

What kept YOU occupied this week?


7 thoughts on “What are you reading/watching/eating 8-12-11

  1. READING- I just finished ROBOPCALYSE by Daniel H. Wilson. I haven’t read hard core sci-fi in a long time, so it was a nice change of pace

    WATCHING – Torchwood Miracle Day [On Fridays] I’m enjoying my dose of Captain Jack, but I think they’ve lost the quirky British charm by trying to Americanize the show too much.

    LISTENING – my walking mix on my iPod while I do spin workouts on my stationary bike

    WRITING – zip – I’m doing a lot of thinking about writing, but no actual work

    EATING – I had a mushroom, asparagus and Swiss egg sandwich yesterday which wasn’t bad

  2. Dang. Sorry about your iPod. That had to suck.

    Reading – The Oxbow Incident. I found it at a thrift sale and I loved the movie so much I had to see what the book was like. Since I’m only like a page in, the jury’s still way out.

    Watching – Golf. Rory McIlroy is freakin’ awesome – especially the way he hurt his wrist and just kept playing… for 15 more holes. And he finished Even for the day. Wow.

    Listening – to whatever on the car stereo. I cleaned my CDs out for the vacation and haven’t put anything back yet.

    Writing – Nada. I started to rewrite my last book, but I think I need more input before I undertake that monster.

    Eating – Snickers Ice Cream mini-bars. Evil wicked nasty little buggers.

  3. Reading: Switching back and forth between Samantha Sotto’s BEFORE EVER AFTER (delightful) and Jon Ronson’s THE PSYCHOPATH TEST (fascinating).

    Watching: Enjoyed the finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE last night, and was happy with the winner. Looking forward to my dose of TRUE BLOOD this Sunday. And added the first season of BREAKING BAD to my Netflix queue.

    Listening: Lots of Prince and Amy Winehouse this week!

    Writing: Officially hit the halfway point of this third draft. Every page has been painful.

    Eating: Been munching on a pound cake all week. Yes, just me, and yes, all week. The damned thing is meant for 8 people.

  4. jblynn says:

    Jennifer C – I thought they lost their quirkiness with Children of the Earth (which I loved, but was such a huge departure…)

    You can’t go wrong with something that has mushrooms and asparagus imho.

    B.E. — the iPod dying was just par for the course (hahaha) of the day

    Are you waiting for feedback from crit partners for your revision?

    Those Snickers Ice Cream bars ARE evil…but soooo good.

    Jennifer H — those two books make for strange bedfellows!

    Congrats on making such great progress on your draft!

    Is it a special pound cake??

  5. Yeah, JB, I’m in the critique gathering stage again. I know this book can sell. It ought to sell. But I can’t even get an agent’s passing glance, so it’s back to the drawing board and back to having other people crit it.

    • jblynn says:

      I know all too well what a frustrating process it can be. Have you had your query critiqued? If agents aren’t giving the manuscript a glance, maybe the query needs to be reworked?

  6. I’ll probably rework that after I get the manuscript fixed, but yeah, it’s been critted. (Well, several different versions of it have been. I can’t remember whether this latest version has. I’m beginning to twitch and drool just thinking about looking at that thing again.)

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