Reading, Watching, Listening 7-29-11

Hope everyone is making progress on their projects this week!

READING — Still reading Bill Bryson’s AT HOME. Fascinating, but dense…(like me?? at least the dense part)

WATCHING — I’m loving SUITS on USA. And Colin Cunningham on Falling Skies (not loving the show, but his performance as Pope)

LISTENING – This week I’m obsessed with Patti Lupone’s I DREAMED A DREAM…I’m not even a Lupone fan…

WRITING — Finished two chapters this week. Merrily rolling along.

EATING — The bulgur orange salad I made at the beginning of the week was pretty awesome. I’m craving a tomato sandwich.

What kept YOU occupied this week?


5 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Listening 7-29-11

  1. Reading – Divergent by Veronica Roth

    Watching – Summertime TV, which means loads of reruns.

    Listening – I threw Jimmy Buffett’s Greatest Hits CD in this weeks. Now I have Boat Drinks on continuous loop in my head.

    Writing – between prepping for vacation and then getting kid off to school nothing’s getting done, so I took a break. By the end of August, I should be able to get back on track.

    Eating – lots of fruit. Everything’s in season right now. I’m just waiting for the Palisade Peaches to come in (Colorado grows awesome peaches, btw) and the Rocky Ford cantaloupes. Mmmm

    • jblynn says:

      B.E. — I like that the cable stations provide new programming for the summer. Smart move, imho.

      Jimmy Buffet is perfect summer music, lol.

      Taking a break from writing makes a lot of sense. Good for you!

      Mmmm, I had the BEST cantaloupe this week. Delish!

  2. Joann says:

    JB – I’m not liking Falling Skies much either (did at first, but it’s descended into melodrama and easy conflict). Pope is a great character and I like that they’re giving him more to do and be.

    Reading – I just finished a YA by Elizabeth Scott, a favorite author of mine. Devoured it in a couple days and loved it. Love You, Miss You, Hate You. Now I’ve got to find a new book.

    Watching – meh, everything’s hitting me wrong these days. TV feels boring. I hated Captain America. Hated. We did re-watch Silence of the Lambs the other night since I just finished the book and it was awesome (of course).

    Listening – the usual – big Pandora mix, a lot of big band and other oldie type stuff.

    Writing – slogging through the wip one word at a time. Last week I said I’m really liking my manuscript and that was both exhilarating and scary. Scary because as soon as I say it, I hate it again. That’s where I am.

    Eating – hubby made a nice chicken and noodle stir fry this week. It was quite tasty.

  3. jblynn says:

    Joann — I wasn’t a fan of Cunningham when he was on Stargate, but this part is a great fit for him.

    Gotta admit, Captain America is not on my to be seen list. Then again neither is Cowboys and Aliens and everyone seems excited about that.

    I think everyone has the summertime blues and is hating their WIP this week, lol.

  4. Reading: Liz Fichera’s CRAVING PERFECT. Really enjoying it so far! Except that her descriptions of pastries and cookies and cakes (the MC is a baker) make me crave sweets, haha.

    Watching: We saw 2 movies this weekend, which never happens. CAPTAIN AMERICA was just okay for me (Steve liked it more). I liked FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS better.

    Listening: Lady Gaga’s “You and I” is my earworm this week.

    Writing: Revisions are slow and painful. About 22k in, another 60k to go.

    Eating: The weather’s been nice this weekend, so we’ve been barbecuing a lot.

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