How’d your week go? 7-24-11

Mine was a disaster.

Still, I’m inspired by those who are sharing their progress, so I’m dutifully reporting mine (or rather the lack of progress on my part) so here we go. I’ve listed my goals for the week followed by my “progress” bolded

– write a minimum of 15,000 words of fiction

Forgot to keep count (I’m thinking it was around 10k) which is bad because I ended up deleting a HUGE portion of what I wrote. Maybe instead of words per week, I’ll just report my WIPs wordcount. Today it’s 14, 209. I think I figured out where I’d gone wrong, so I’m hoping this week I can actually keep the majority of what I write.

– blog at least four times this week

Done! So happy that all of you are sharing your progress, whether it’s here or via twitter!

– My half marathon is less than three weeks away, so I “should” do a 12 mile walk/run but since I’m in pain, tired, and stressed. I’m going to adapt and plan on five 5 milers instead.

The record breaking heat did me in this week. I am now officially a nervous wreck about the weather on race day. Really worried I may not cross the START line.

– try a new vegetarian recipe

I made a bulgur and blueberry breakfast which wasn’t bad and a bulgur, orange, pistachio salad which is tomorrow’s lunch. (I’m big on cooking once, using twice.)

What are YOUR goals for the week? What kind of progress are you making?


3 thoughts on “How’d your week go? 7-24-11

  1. Writing and deleting is still progress – especially if the words help you figure out where you went wrong. Is there any way you can run first thing in the morning before it gets too hot? That’s when I’ve been walking because, hey, once the temp gets gross I’m not leaving the AC for anything strenuous.

    I got two and a half chapters re-typed (about 7K words), but I’m still avoiding chapter 6. It needs to be rewritten, but it’s rewrite shouldn’t effect the rest of the plot – it’s just the words are so sucky and the dialogue is flat. I’m currently at 28845 out of the original 83K (which will probably end up around 95K when I’m done).

    I did make progress in the walking. I think I walked every day but one, and did the dance/exercise thing twice. Now I just need to control the amount of food I’m pushing down my gullet. Stupid cookies. At least I’m not continuing to gain weight, so that’s a win, I guess.

  2. JB Lynn says:

    The overnight LOWS were in the low 80s/high 70s last week so no matter how early I started, it was too hot! Plus, I’m a suspense writer and when I go out really early I get freaked out that I’m all alone and being stalked in the dark, lol.

    Good for you for getting those chapters re-typed! If 6 is causing you such problems and you’re able to move past it, why not skip it for now? The answers to your problems may come to you later in the work.

    Awesome progress on the walking, B.E. just the sort of inspiration I need. Do you walk w/ a time/distance goal in mind or is the goal to just get out there? (which is an awesome goal imho)

  3. Sorry I was so late replying… I walk until my legs just start to hurt and then I head back. By the time I get home, I feel the burn. (Boy, do I.) Too bad that only means about 10-15 minutes worth of walking at about 3.5 mph.

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