Goals for the Week of 7-18-11 Progress, Not Perfection

Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and are ready to tackle the new week!

Yesterday I posted my progress (and my EPIC FAIL) for last week. Here are my goals for this week. I hope you’ll share yours so that we can make progress together. You guys are an inspiration to me!

– write a minimum of 15,000 words of fiction

– blog at least four times this week (I’m over at Killer Chicks today!)

– My half marathon is less than three weeks away, so I “should” do a 12 mile walk/run but since I’m in pain, tired, and stressed. I’m going to adapt and plan on five 5 milers instead so that I have the energy to get in more strength training since that tends to make me feel better.

– try a new vegetarian recipe (I’m open to suggestions, but nothing that requires the oven. It’s too hot for that!)

What are YOUR goals for the week? What kind of progress are you making?


2 thoughts on “Goals for the Week of 7-18-11 Progress, Not Perfection

  1. I’m not doing anything vegetarian, but I’m really into almond milk right now. It’s awesome on cereal, in french toast, and last night, it was pretty good in a mixed drink with Kahlua.

    I did manage to re-type almost 5K words yesterday to reach my ‘4-5 chapters’ goal. I ended up with 4 done. Although I hate chapter 6, so I’m going to have to go back and rewrite it. So, I guess that could be a goal for this week – un-suck chapter 6. If I can get that done and maybe get another chapter into the big file, I’ll call it a win.

    Walking’s been a bust – what with 100+ temps here, but I’m going to give it the old college try again this week.

    That’s it. That’s all I’m committing to this week. Let’s see if I can reach my goals if I set fewer of them. (And don’t even get me started about vacuuming. LOL)

  2. jblynn says:

    B.E. — Hmmmm I could probably “un-suck” some chapters too, lol. Too lofty a goal for me to handle this week though. 🙂

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