So how’d your week go? 7-17-11

I thought I’d check in with my Progress, Not Perfection for the week (I’m nowhere NEAR perfection…sigh)

My goals for the week and my progress:

– complete a 10-12 mile training walk/run (I’m doing a half marathon in less than a month) and three other cardio workouts Got in 10 miles on Monday, but only two other cardio workouts this week.

– to critique a novella for one of my ever-patient critique partners Done! Plus, I critiqued a couple of chapters and brainstormed w/ another partner

– blog at least three times this week exceeded

– write a minimum of 15,000 words of fiction EPIC FAIL!!! I hadn’t realized how much difficulty I would have getting back into this book. (I’d stopped writing it in order to write the synopsis and first few chapters of the third book in the series.) That coupled with the fact I really needed to catch up on a bajillion other things put me way behind on my wordcount. I’ve only written about 4500 words so far this week. If I’m lucky I’ll add another thousand today. Like I said, EPIC FAIL.

– try a new vegetarian recipe Tried two. One was a salad w/ chickpeas, mandarin oranges, cherries, etc. It was awesome. Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe online. The other recipe I tried was for this Cucumber Yogurt Mint Soup. Delish!

– visit with friends Done x 3! Quite the social week for me.

So tell me, what kind of PROGRESS did you make this week?
I’ll be posting next week’s goals tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me as we strive for PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.


6 thoughts on “So how’d your week go? 7-17-11

  1. Even if you didn’t get your 15K, considering everything else you did this week, 4500 is pretty good. I missed the walking mark – only did it twice this week. Didn’t lose even a pound. Only got 3 chapters typed in, but I’m sitting down right now to do the fourth, so not too far off. I still hate my hair, but I’ve accepted that it’s what I have until it grows out again. Things that weren’t on my list got done – mowing lawn, doing a major book shift to make room for more books, started my yearly inventory against database check, read a few good books… So it’s all good.

    • jblynn says:

      B.E. — You made awesome progess. Did you vacuum? 😉 What good books did you read?

      • LOL, no. The carpet looks like my cat exploded. I read Wild Ride by Crusie/Mayer – which was odd, but good, The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan – which started slow, but got really good, and Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard – love me some SF romance.

  2. I like your motto of Progress, not Perfection. I think overall you had a great week – 4500 words for a book you haven’t been writing in awhile is really good!

    I had an okay week. Like I mentioned before, I set very low standards, LOL. I’ve been reading a lot and sleeping a lot. But I have loftier goals for the coming week. 🙂

  3. jblynn says:

    Jennifer — Blech. I hadn’t anticipated how hard changing gears would be.

    Can’t wait to hear your goals for the new week!

  4. jblynn says:

    B.E. — Diverse books! I didn’t mean to be nosy, just love to know what everyone’s reading!

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