It’s Wednesday — How’s your week going? 7-13-11

Since I launched PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION on Monday, I thought Wednesdays would be a good time to see how everyone’s doing with their goals for the week.

Here are my goals and my progress so far:

– complete a 10-12 mile training walk/run

Did 10 miles on Monday. A heat advisory went into effect at 10 am and there were air quality warnings, so I was pleased with doing 10 miles. I probably could have pushed it to twelve, but I didn’t want to be dead for the rest of the day.

– to critique a novella for one of my ever-patient critique partners

Started it! It’s taking me longer than expected, but I’m getting there!

– blog at least three times this week

Making progress obviously, lol.

– write a minimum of 15,000 words of fiction

I’m behind. I’ve only written 3200 words…but there’s plenty of time to catch up.
– try a new vegetarian recipe

found the recipe I want to try, but haven’t made it yet.
– visit with friends (sad, that’s a goal, isn’t it?)

Met former Killer Chick Jennifer Hillier on Monday. Off to meet with another pal today. Plan to see current Killer Chick Jennifer Colgan tomorrow!

Your turn: Are you making progress this week? If not, what’s holding you back?


4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday — How’s your week going? 7-13-11

  1. Thankfully, I set low standards for myself this week, because I knew I’d had have a tough time getting back into my routine. My only goals were to catch up on blogging and give away a bunch of books – I’m doing okay on both ends. Just wish I had more energy!

    I am in awe that you can walk/run 10 miles, especially in the heat! You rock!

  2. I’m with Jennifer on low standards. Too much RL drama has stressed me out, so my current goal is to relax myself back into the ability to sit down and concentrate on writing.

  3. Wow, that’s some good progress for only a couple days. Way to go.

    Get three more chapters re-typed this week. – One down. They aren’t handwritten. I’m trying something new. I usually print out chapters, mark them up and just type what I fixed into the original draft. This time, I’m re-typing each whole chapter. It’s really helping me find stuff I missed when I inked it up.

    Vacuum. – Not yet. Maybe today after I mow the lawn.

    Walk 4-5 mornings this week. – Twice so far, plus a half hour of dancing around the house. (Hey, it burns calories.)

    Accept that my new haircut does look good. – Still not there. That’s what I get for hacking so much off at once.

    Lose a pound (hoping for 2) – Right now, I think I gained a pound.

  4. jblynn says:

    Jennifer H — Conferences are exhausting so kudos for getting ANYTHING done this week.

    Jennifer C — Sorry you’re so stressed out. Hope next week is better!

    B.E. — Congrats on finding a new system that works fo you. Sounds like you’re making progress!!

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