What are you reading, watching, etc? 7-8-11

READING — Read a terrible novel this week. So bad I’m not even going to name it.

WATCHING — I really enjoyed this week’s White Collar and I’m liking SUITS.

LISTENING –I’m stuck on SING by My Chemical Romance this week.

WRITING — OMG I have been struggling so much on my current project. I’ll reveal all the details next week.

EATING — The raspberries from the local farm are pretty damn close to heaven on earth.

What about you? What have you enjoyed this week?


6 thoughts on “What are you reading, watching, etc? 7-8-11

  1. Reading – Sometimes It Happens by Pauline Barclay

    Watching – God help me, I’m hooked on “Locked Up Abroad”

    Listening – For some reason we have been walking around the house singing Phantom of the Opera for three days. It’s not pretty.

    Writing – I am currently standing waist deep in the tepid waters off the shore of Grand Turk (I love fiction)

    Eating – Everything

  2. My daughter loves My Chemical Romance. Maybe I should borrow her CDs and listen.

    Right now, I’m…

    Reading – Marcella Burnard’s Enemy Games
    Watching – Memphis Beat (because during the regular season, Tuesday is for Biggest Loser)
    Listening – One Republic’s first album, which I just bought
    Writing – other rather, rewriting. I’m deep into edits
    Eating – everything. My diet fell down an elevator shaft yesterday.

  3. Reading – Silvergirl by Elin Hilderbrand – like gossiping with wealthy neighbors
    Watching – Torchwood – Season 4 – Miracle Day!
    Listening – can’t get Billy Joel out of my head – someone help me!
    Writing – nothing new, working on edits, edits, edits
    Eating – ‘smores – OMG I’ve got to stop

  4. jblynn says:

    Jennifer — Don’t you DARE tell me a thing about Miracle Day…I won’t say it until Netflix has it.

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