Reading, Writing, Etc 6-10-11

Reading — nada, but I’m starting again this week!

Watching — nada

Listening — to my keystrokes

Writing — promo ((sigh)

Next week I hope you’ll say you’ve been reading The First Victim!

Until then, tell me what’s been entertaining you? Are there any summer movies you’re looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, Etc 6-10-11

  1. RunnerGirl says:

    Reading: Read ALOT this week. 2 Tess Gerritsen Books – Bloodstream , really liked! Gravity: did not finish
    ONLY due to the fact there is a glossary with acronyms in the back of all “Space/NASA” things –so it was hard for me to follow. Read a Kristin Hannah older book – Magic Hour , sweet, fast read, no brainer easy read ( just what I needed). Now reading Run Like a Girl for motivation I need a new book..ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? 🙂

    Watching: Freaking Yankee games with my one twin, and yeah Met games with my other. Guess what fan I am !

    Listening : Lots of motivational get going running music, Pink, Lady Gaga, 80’s Music …everything —even Broadway which I luvvvvvvvvv!

    Writing: note to a teacher to explain why one of my sons did not finish a project—so basically I am writing FICTION! LOL

    you forgot eating! Cherries, they looked so good in the store and brind chicken and then put on grill. 2 different way one BBQ sauce marinated and the other hodge podge marinated —-came out soooooo good and juicy! YUM!

    Summer Movies? none 😦

  2. Joann says:

    Reading – still trying to make it through I Am Not A Serial Killer. Really not a great read unfortunately.

    Watching – SYTYCD oh yeah

    Listening – Pandora! Training this puppy for a couple years has seriously netted some amazing music.

    Writing – stuff! Lots of stuff!

    If I can slog through the rest of Serial Killer, I will definitely be saying that!

    Summer movies – tons. LOVED the new X-Men movie. Fantastic. Upcoming – Green Lantern, Super 8, maybe Captain America, though the trailers are not impressing me right now. Should be a good movie summer.

  3. jblynn says:

    RunnerGirl — Let me know what you think of Run Like a Girl. It’s on my list to consider reading. OMG your cherry chicken sounds fab. For my “eating” I’ll say I perfected my watermelon/feta salad….such a treat on a hot day.

    Joann — You’re a better person. If I’m slogging thru a book I usually give up on it. I’ve only heard good things about X Men….gotta say I’m not impressed by the Green Latern trailer…

  4. I just finished – like ten minutes ago – reading Roxanne St. Claire’s Shiver of Fear. And there was another romantic suspense I read recently… what was it…. hmm…. Oh yeah, The First Victim, which was awe-some. ;o)

    I’m hooked on watching Swamp People. “Choot ’em, Lizbet. Choot ’em.” That Troy Landry cracks me up.

    Listening to my new Darius Rucker CD. I haven’t heard it all the way through yet, but it’s pretty good. Especially considering I’m not really a country/western fan. After loving him with Hootie and the Blowfish, though, I couldn’t help but buy it.

    I’m stalled with my writing. Too much on my mind with the kid’s upcoming college orientation and the end of school. I’m hoping to get some writing done this weekend, if it kills me.

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