Social (media) butterfly

I’m a wallflower.  Always have been. And I’m okay with that, but as my release date for The First Victim ( now available for preorder from AMAZON and CARINA PRESS) quickly approaches, I’m trying to become a social butterfly…at least a social media butterfly.

It’s more like I’m a catepillar. A blind catepillar. Who has a severe limp.

As you know, I blog here and at Killer Chicks and next month I’ll be guest posting on a bunch of other blogs.

I’ll also be doing some interviews.

I’m on Twitter (@jb_lynn_author) all the time, and on Facebook occassionally…and oh yeah, GoodReads.

And yet I feel like I’m failing dismally. And it’s a giant time-suck that could be better spent doing something else…like say, writing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying interacting with all the people I get to “meet” it’s just that the pressure to keep up with it all is a bit much.

Are you a natural social butterfly or a wallflower Are you a social media butterfly? And if you are, how the hell do you manage it????


6 thoughts on “Social (media) butterfly

  1. Liz Fichera says:

    I’m a complete and total introvert. Social media, at least initially, was very hard for me. And it’s a total time suck. I try to limit it to an hour a day. Sometimes I even succeed!

    P.S. You’ve been Tagged! See my blog today for the deets. Playing is optional, of course.

  2. I think you’re doing a lot better with the social networking thing than you think you are! Honestly, the way that I manage is that I try to remember that social networking is supposed to be FUN. If I don’t think of that way (which I often don’t), then it starts to feel tedious. And then I start to stress.

  3. jblynn says:

    Liz — I’ll tackle your tag as my Friday post

    Jennifer — fun? FUN? what is this thing you call fun?

  4. {waves from the wall} No butterfly here. Social media gives me hives. One of the reasons I became a writer was that I’m shy and introverted and I’m very comfortable keeping to myself. While I do find it easier to interact with people in a medium where I can write down my thoughts rather than speak them, I agree that too much Internet interaction just wastes time. I’ve heard over and over again how the best promo is to write another book, yet there’s so much pressure on authors to be mingling which is often the last thing they want to do.

  5. RunnerGirl says:

    I think you may THINK you are a caterpillar, but I say good for you. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon and emerges as a butterfly. That is what you are doing Ms. JB Lynn, your book is coming out and you are coming out and turning into a beautiful butterfly. You are so going to fly high and all around. 🙂

  6. I’m a chameleon. Which basically means I’d rather be hanging out on a stick somewhere, doing my own thing, but I blend when I need to. ;o)

    But seriously, I do like the social interaction of the online world. I talk better when I can write it out than when I’m staring someone in the face. The words have less chance of coming out wrong, or jumbled, or just plain lame. (Okay, so sometimes lame, even here.)

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