What are you reading, watching, etc? 5-20-11

Since a few people have asked, I’ll give you a quick marathon report. Last week’s race was wet (all long races that I enter are…I’m just lucky that way) but wonderful.

Let’s tackle the Friday questions!

READING —  An ARC of SOUL SURVIVOR by Misty Evans (and thinking about soul mates).  Rereading MARATHONING FOR MORTALS by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield (because I’m signed up for a half marathon that takes place in less than twelve weeks!)

WATCHING — CASTLE finale (we’re discussing it on Killer Chicks today) and THE MENTALIST FINALE (pity poor DH — he had to put up with my victory dance when Red John’s inside man was revealed to be the character I’d been saying it was for months)

LISTENING –  to rain. It’s rained every day this week. When I got to the race on Sunday the first song I heard the DJ play was “Have you ever heard the rain”…now I’m wondering if I’ll never not hear the rain.  Still we’re lucky that we haven’t had the flooding others have had, so I’m not really complaining….not really….much….

WRITING — I’m working on proposals for two novels…which means I’m trying to write two synopses…which means I’m in hell

EATING — Oranges…two or three a day… I wonder if I have scurvy…..

What reading, listening, writing, eating did YOU do?


3 thoughts on “What are you reading, watching, etc? 5-20-11

  1. Sounds like you had a great race! Go you!

    Reading: Tina Fey’s BOSSYPANTS. She’s hilarious!

    Watching: About to start season one of MODERN FAMILY. I need to watch something funny. I watch too many dramas, I think.

    Listening: It’s been a Lady Gaga month.

    Writing: Still revising book two.

    Eating: Discovered this awesome little hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant that makes the BEST pulled pork sandwiches ever. I’ve had two this week. YUM.

  2. READING – I actually haven’t had time to read anything but my own WIP this week

    WATCHING – all the season finales – I miss the days when the TV season ended in June.

    LISTENING – to the birds who start chirping at 5:00 AM

    WRITING – my new WIP – based on an idea that came to me last week, is motoring along

    EATING – lots of Italian food this week, just cause

  3. Sorry about the rain on race-day, but go you for doing it. =o)

    Reading – Princep’s Fury by Jim Butcher

    Watching – too much TV, mostly reruns. Bleh

    Listening – I have Pink’s greatest hits CD in the car stereo right now.

    Writing – backstory for my WIP – I have to go back to figure out how to go forward

    Eating – we just finished the last of the birthday cake. Back to trying to diet again.

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