Forgive me readers, for I have sinned

It’s been a week since I’ve posted on this blog.

(as more than one of you has gently/politely/naggingly pointed out)

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m tweaking the usual  list.

What kinds of books does your mom read?
What books has she given you?
What books have you given her?
If you’re a writer, has your mom/will your mom read your books?


What shows do you remember watching with your mom?


Did you/do you listen to your mom?


Do you have special plans for Mother’s Day? What are they?

I pledge to return to my regular blogging schedule next week. Until then, remember that there are always new posts up on Killer Chicks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today Jennifer Colgan is asking: What’s your weakness?  Come on over and tell us!


8 thoughts on “Forgive me readers, for I have sinned

  1. Mom reads romances almost exclusively, although she will throw in a mystery or suspense every once in a while. Over the years we’ve given each other too many books to remember. And no, Mom hasn’t read any of the books I’ve written yet. We’ll see whether she does after they’re published.

    I don’t remember actually watching TV shows with my mom. Usually the TV was on and she had her nose buried in a book while the rest of us watched.

    Over the years I know there were times when I didn’t listen to my mom, but I think there were more times when I did. Nowadays, I don’t ‘listen’ to her, so much as discuss things with her until we come to a logical answer.

    No special plans for Mothers Day here. I expect to work on writing, and I hope Hubs and the daughter leave me alone for that. ;o)

  2. RunnerGirl says:

    LOL to all the questions above! 🙂 ….Except my mother reads ALOT, at least 2 books a week, reads anything except paranornal, sci-fi and fantasy…..she actually would read your book since she loves Stephen King and serial killer books….
    Actually does anyone REALLY “listen” to their mother? or do we just listen?

    My plans : go to a baseball game at 8:30am in freaking a town 1/2 hour north of me and then to my MIL house. ( maybe she’ll give me something nice…(NOT!) lol

    • jblynn says:

      I’m not sure that many people are capable of truly listening to anyone, lol.

      Hope you at least have nice weather for the baseball game. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Reading: My mom reads thrillers, historical fiction, and mainstream/literary. She’s a big fan of Stephen King! When I was living in Toronto, we traded books all the time. We always recommend books to each other.

    Watching: We used to watch the Love Boat and Fantasy Island, Three’s Company, and Good Times.

    Listening: I definitely listen to my mom. She gives great advice (although… sometimes it’s a little skewed, haha).

    Eating: I won’t be in Toronto for Mother’s Day, but we’ll make up for that in June when I’m home for 9 days. All we’ll do is eat. She’ll cook her famous pot roast and we’ll go out for dim sum. Can’t wait.


    My mother has a book addiction. She gets new books at least once a week. She likes the bestsellers and psyhcological stories that put people in unusual situations.

    She gives me a lot of books. Most of the books I choose for myself are ones she wouldn’t read, like sci-fi and paranormal.

    My mother has read some of my books, the tamer ones.


    When I was a kid we wacthed soap operas together. Now we’re both fans of The Big BangTheory.


    Not if I can help it.


    Bonefish Grill, looking forward to some really good food!

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