Reading, etc & a Gladiatrix 4-22-11

READING —  I’ve been on such a writing binge, all I’ve read is magazines — that and a lot of research on crime scene clean-up which is really too gross to say.  Speaking of reading, pop over to Killer Chicks to check out the guest post by Michelle Miles WRITING THE GLADIATRIX

WATCHING — Season 2 of the UK version of BEING HUMAN

LISTENING –  DH playing Angry Birds

WRITING — I’m about 15k words into my new WIP.  The early chapters were slow going, laborious, push the freaking boulder up the freaking mountain — but now I’ve found the flow.

EATING — don’t ask!

Obviously I’ve had a less than scintillating week, so I want to live vicariously thru you. What sorts of enjoyable things did YOU  read/watch/eat/write/listen to/experience this week?


7 thoughts on “Reading, etc & a Gladiatrix 4-22-11

  1. READING – IN DEFENSE OF FOOD by Michael Pollan – the book talks about how the food industry health claims for low-fat, diet foods are only making us sicker and fatter

    WATCHING – finally say THE KING’S SPEECH – interesting movie, not exciting, heart wrenching, memorable or especially fabulous, but interesting nonetheless

    LISTENING – TORCHWOOD radio plays on my iPod

    WRITING – motoring through my WIP and having more fun writing than I’ve had in AGES!

    EATING – disappointing fare at the Olive Garden. The commercials definitely oversell their new entrées

  2. I wish I had something exciting you could live vicariously through. Right now, I’m reading the second book in an older dystopian trilogy where the third never got published. I watched an old Grey’s Anatomy episode that made me cry and a new Parenthood that also made me cry. Due to an apparent drinking disorder I just spilled coffee all over my desk and that’s about as much excitement as this desk has seen this week.

    Eating? Snickers Eggs. I both love and hate Bunny Day.

  3. Joann says:

    Reading – Jellicoe Road. Fabulous. Did I say that last week? Probably. Jennifer – I’ll be picking up that book. I agree wholeheartedly. Low fat foods are so packed with junk. We’ve really gotten away from our whole food origins.

    Watching – Community is just hitting it every single episode. Loving. We saw Hanna and I thought it was good up until then end and then it just sort of petered out. Disappointing.

    Listening – not the right stuff apparently because I can’t get my head around my current WIP.

    Writing – very little right now. I’ve never taken such a long hiatus, but I’m officially crispy.

    Eating – healthy, healthy, healthy with some yummy treats thrown in now and then. This week, hot chocolate. Mmmmm.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I’m currently reading WITHER (pretty cool FYI) and binging on Peeps. This is my weekend:)

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