Where there’s Smoke there’s….

I started a new WIP this week (my other WIP is out to a crit partner who I’m hoping can/will either tell me how to fix it/finish it or convince me to just trash it forever) and for some reason, I am obsessed with naming a character “Smoke”.

What the hell kind of name is Smoke? (He’s not an arsonist or firefighter)

Damned if I know.

All I do know is that my protagonist is going to meet  him today. 

I hope she doesn’t have to introduce herself, because I haven’t come up with her name yet.

I’m open to suggestions…..


10 thoughts on “Where there’s Smoke there’s….

  1. Smoke? Interesting!

    You know I suck at names so I can’t help you there, but I’m interested to know what a guy named Smoke looks like.

  2. Joann says:

    Ooooo…I likey! As for your girl, maybe Fire? I kid. Ginger? Red? Ok, I’m stopping now.

  3. RunnerGirl says:

    I actually like SMOKE—–I do get an picture in my head of him already, and he is HANDSOME in a Dexter way….that where my mind goes!
    Smoke is really out of the box….really like it. I could never come up with that….lets see sitting at my computer and looking around.
    I get Beacon, Weaver,Johan, Christophe, …and Soy Chai..or Starbucks! LOL

    BTW cant wait to see your cover 🙂 so happy that that wait is thisclose to being over for you! June 13th–I cant wait for you, and for me to read your book. Congrats to you Jenn.

  4. I named a character Darq and I got away with it. Why not Smoke?

  5. Melanie says:

    Smoke is hot. Does give me a bad boy image, but what’s not to love about hot bad boy?

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