Reading, Watching and all that fun stuff 3-25-11


WATCHING — Giving the BBC version of BEING HUMAN a try. It’s better than its American counterpart…not that the bar was set very high…

LISTENING — To the wise advice of my critique partners

EATING — Drinking actually, out of my fantastic new coffee cup  🙂

What was on your “fun stuff” list this week?

I’ve received my cover copy (even though there’s no cover since Carina Press is an e-publisher) for THE FIRST VICTIM so I’m thinking I’ll share that with you next week or the week after, but first I’ve got a question: Are you more likely to buy a book from an unknown author because of the cover copy, an ad, or a review??


8 thoughts on “Reading, Watching and all that fun stuff 3-25-11

  1. Woohoo. Can’t wait to see the cover. =o)

    I picked up a few books this week by unknown to me authors. Most of the buys were because the cover wowed me in some way – either the art or the blurb or the title. We’ll see if it was money well spent or if I get burned.

    My fun stuff this week was a campus tour of Colorado State – where my daughter will be this fall – combined with binge buying books at real brick-n-mortar stores. =o)

  2. Cover art is usually what attracts me first [don’t worry, yours will come!], then the blurb. I don’t pay much attention to ads. If people are talking about a book I might check it out. I’m probably one of the toughest customers out there.

  3. Reading: I just started Chelsea Cain’s THE NIGHT SEASON. I just love her.

    Watching: We saw the LINCOLN LAWYER last weekend (enjoyed it!) and hopefully will see LIMITLESS this weekend.

    Listening: Really nothing this week.

    Eating: Nothing interesting… but I have a craving for dim sum so maybe we’ll do that on Sunday.

    I hate to admit it, but I rarely take chances on new authors unless someone I know has personally recommended him/her, or unless the book got an awesome review somewhere that I happened to read. I definitely spend most of my money on authors I’ve read before (and here I’m about to be a debut author… yikes for me if everybody feels the way I do!). But cover art matters, as does the blurb.

  4. Kate Perry says:

    I’m reading an Amish romance. I have this strange urge to quilt and help build a barn.

    You need to come visit, and I’ll cook you interesting things. Last night I made my signature roast chicken. Last weekend I braised short ribs in wine, coffee, and chilis. Who knows what today will bring?

    This week I’m listening to Taylor Swift. I’m trying to channel my inner 15yr old. It’s actually not as hard as one would think…

    Actually, the cover pulls me. I’ll buy anything on just the cover alone. I hardly ever read cover copy and I don’t look at reviews. But I’ll get a book on personal recommendation, or if I read an article or blog post from an author.

  5. RunnerGirl says:

    Reading – Daddys Girl ( Lisa Scott. as well! ) also what is possessing me I do not know I got Les Miserables out of the library all 1124 pages of it. It is my absolute FAVORITE show ( saw it 7 times) I am a Broadway fanatic – its the NYC girl in me!

    Listening – tons of fun running music for my long run this weekend

    Watching – nothing much ( any suggestions)

    Eating – Chicken Pesto Pizza tonight…awesome
    Still hooked on the Asian Tuna Salad from my work it is DELISH!
    Craisins, carrots, ginger, chinese peppers, and about 10 other things —

  6. RunnerGirl says:

    …oh and do like cover art…but I like word of mouth too. Cover blurbs.
    Inside notes —and truly just do not read a book because its a famous author–
    like Danielle Steele..( sorry Romance gals) just dont care for her books.
    Will read Allison Brennan though! 🙂 and the new JB Lynn ( the newest famous author out there) 🙂

  7. jblynn says:

    B.E. — While I love ordering books online, there is a special kind of delight to be found in brick & mortar stores, isn’t there? 🙂

    Jennifer C — I know that you’re pretty hard to please…

    Jennifer H — Had you read the Lincoln Lawyer?

    Kate –Mmmm. This wknd was coq au vin and short ribs, so I’m pretty well sated. If you need to channel your angry 15 yr old self I recommend old Avril Levigne (sp??? obviously I wasn’t a fan, lol)

    Runner — if you’re a Les Mis fan you’ll appreciate that my favorite number is STARS (that or I’m just confirming I’m nuts….) Hope your run went well!

  8. Runner Gril says:

    Beautiful but hard as hell run across the GWBridge that along the very hilly Palisades by the Hudson RIver ( 11 miles – thought I would DIE!)

    Love STARS –figures Javert death scene —-see KC site and what I posted!
    Actually its scary I know every single song and probably could recite(sing) 85% of the show.
    Love the classic ONE DAY MORE. Not too big of a fan of Eponines
    as I call it “Ode of Marius” or “High School Girls Favorite Song of Theatre” —
    “On My Own” —tooooooooooo sappy.

    VERY interested in your new coffee cup though – how many ounces does it hold ..24???

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