Reading, Watching, Listening 3-11-11

 READING — Still reading THE SUCCESSFUL NOVELIST by David Morrell. Now I want to read his novels.

WATCHING — JUSTIFIED. Looking forward to watching GALAXY QUEST this wknd. The rainy days have left me in need of some laughs.


EATING — Enjoyed a mexican lasagna made with polenta (w/ quinoa) refried beans, veggies, salsa and cheddar.

What about you, what nuggets of pleasure did you enjoy this week?


8 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Listening 3-11-11

  1. OMG, I love that song. I saw the video for the first time this week and it made me cry, but I still love it.

    Have fun watching Galaxy Quest. “Never give up. Never surrender.” Important words for writers. ;o)

  2. Reading: Still reading The Poet by Michael Connelly. It’s a great book but I’m always sleepy by the time I get around to picking it up. Hope to finish it next week.

    Watching: Still working my way through Season 1 of the Good Wife.

    Listening: The Strokes’ Under Cover of Darkness is looping in my head.

    Eating: Nothing of note this week. If I survive the weekend, I’m going for tapas and margaritas on Monday!

  3. Joann says:

    Galaxy Quest = one of the best movies ever.

    Reading – still The Lincoln Lawyer
    Watching – JUSTIFIED, AI
    Listening – Pandora lately, especially Mad World by everyone who’s ever covered that song (LOVE)
    Eating – meh, nothing special. I think it’s taco night at the Swansons. lol

  4. RunnerGirl says:

    Reading – Lisa Gardner “live to Tell” –and Certification for Personal Training Textbook.

    Watching – dvr’ed episodes of Psych and White Collar ( luv those shows)

    Listening – lol —so stuck on Pink for 2 weeks now, EVEN today during a run a did 🙂

    Eating — tried to recreate an Asian Tuna Salad from work, came out EXCELLENT! everything was in it –including cranberries for some sweet to help with the spicy … rocks ( will be eating it AGAIN today) 🙂
    Have to make corned beef and cabbage which GASP – this Irish Girl LOATHES! I hate the look, smell, taste, all of it. We had it in my house not just St, Patricks day but at least once at month and for company etc…hate, hate hate it! Especially since I saw it being made in my cousins butcher in Ireland about 10 years ago. I know what its made of !!!! LOL

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