It’s February…do you know where your resolutions are?

Can you believe we’re already a month into 2011???

As promised, since it’s the first Wednesday of the month, I’m reporting on my progress (or lack of progress) toward achieving the goals I’ve set for this year. I hope you’ll do the same!

My goals for 2011 include:

– Submit another novel to my editor   — still polishing it

– Finish the two novels I started last year  — haven’t touched ’em

– Finish the novel, I keep promising my husband.  — haven’t even thought about it

– Market THE FIRST VICTIM…tentative release date 6/13/11!   — working on this, have started to set up some tentative dates for a blog tour and have started building a website (I have zero talent in this area and even less interest so it’s frustrating to say the least)

– Blog 3x per week (at Killer Chicks on Mondays, and here Wednesdays and Fridays) — did it for January!

– Draw something every day  — uggghhh…failed miserably…didn’t enjoy it at all…

– Walk a minimum of one mile per day — I missed this past Saturday (boo hoo!  poor time management) but walked 55 miles this month, so all in all, pretty successful

– Complete a half marathon — decided to train for a Fall half in the hopes that if I go REALLY slowly I won’t injure myself yet again

– Report my progress on these goals the first Wednesday of every month — here I am!


Your turn: how are you doing in terms of achieving your goals/resolutions?


***If your resolutions include read more books,  scribble in journals, or eat candy, be sure to check out the contest Lindsay N. Currie is running on her blog!


5 thoughts on “It’s February…do you know where your resolutions are?

  1. My resolution was to work on one project at a time this year and that flew right out the window. My new goal it not to go completely stark raving insane before 2012.

  2. Joann says:

    I made no official resolutions, but a few of my wishes are coming true – I’m reading more (thanks, knee) and learning more, and just being okay with the type of writer I am. This was a fabulous reminder and GOOD ON YOU for doing so well with your own resolutions. You are an inspiration!

  3. jblynn says:

    Jennifer — think baby steps. Aim to not go stark raving mad THIS MONTH (since it’s the shortest, it should be the most doable)

    Joann — Yay for wishes coming true! (I thought only Canadians say, “good on you”….I too have learned something today!)

  4. RunningCompany says:

    Ok…..I am not doing great at ALL!

    1.) Find a new job! ——STILL LOOKING/but should get a B+ for effort
    (and be happy there)

    2.) take up a “hobby” ????? TBD —-TBD Still stands

    3.) journal at least evry other day —–DOING IT

    4.) complete my marathon for the Leukemia Soceity and maybe a half – while remaining healthy —-TTRAINING and STAYING HEALTHY! LONG RUN IS UP TO 11 MILES —and raised some great money, doing fundraisers…so this is a good one!

    5.) find inner peace —- STILL LOOKING….Thats why I have not sent it to you as you asked! LOL!

    6.) work hard on being the best me I can be. —–TBD –but so I’ve been told I am working hard at this 🙂

    7.) read The FIRST VICTIM!!! ( not the LAST ——–WAITING TILL JUNE! WHOOPIE!!! but reading lots of suspense so I CAN read it without being TOO SCARED! 🙂

    8.) wish for all my friends to have health and peace…….Health,not great….lost my bffs mom ( like my second mother- been around me since I was 5) —BUT she went peacefully and family is at peace since she was suffering , so this is a Lose/Win.

    So I have to keep on top of myself. Job hunting is HARD. Working on inner peace–HARDER!!!!!

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