Worrying about my cover art

I KNOW the folks at
Download hot ebooks from Carina Press
are going to do a kick ass job, but I’m still stressing over it.

I explain why at KILLER CHICKS today.


4 thoughts on “Worrying about my cover art

  1. It will be great! Hey, be glad they asked – better that than to come up with something that isn’t at all representative of your book. THAT would suck.

  2. RunningCompany says:

    its going to be great! I can see why you are stressed though. This is your baby! Your pride. I am a visual person ( but can’t visualize -if that makes sense) I sometimes buy a book on its cover,sometimes I find the simpler the more intriguing – I do love art but CANNOT CANNOT draw a straight line either,sometimes I cant walk one either ( NO, I dont drink! LOL) –Art like Writing is so subjective, its such an interesting question you pose, since you are tying two crafts together. YOU have to feel for the ART. The ARTIST has to feel for the book.I am sure your artist, especially since its Carina is a top notch person.I worked with someone who Illustrated & Painted for Harlequin. It was awesome to watch him, he only did the real sappy books( where everyone on the covers were people w/long flowing hair, half naked & way too beautiful! ) he WAS AMAZING – so since Harlequin/Carina are sisters you are in great hands! Judging by what I saw him do —

  3. jblynn says:

    Ishta — lol, I AM grateful they asked. Just worried that I didn’t hold up my end of the deal.

    Running – The artists at Carina are top notch…I’m just a worrywart 😉 Thanks for sharing your story. It made me feel better.

    • RunningCompany says:

      😉 from one worrywart to another…..it’ll all be PERFECT.
      Its nice to know that your passion is the written word, your in the hands now of someones passion of the arts.

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