Great Interview at Killer Chicks

Check out my interview with paranormal romance novelist Kate Perry!

5 thoughts on “Great Interview at Killer Chicks

  1. RunningCompany says:

    Hey there…
    Question…Does this new Allsion Brennan follow a series or is it the first in a new on? DENSE and CONFUSE??? feel like there should be a book one…only 100 pages in so I can start over, just dont want to rea ut of order.
    I stopped the GardnerBook –trying to figur out by published date which is first ( again DENSE and CONFUSED)-
    now bookless unless I start Ken Folletts 1,000 pager!
    Happy writng or revising???? Hope its gong well! Real excited for you….signed up for the SUPERHERO — but looking for my friend to do it as a relay. Not sure if I cando a half after a full two weeks before, OR maybe I’ll do the 1/2 at NJ….again CONFUSED ( but stupid this time! 🙂

    • RunningCompany says:

      hope you grammar/punctionation class is going well(did you start , as you said in your resolution list??…seeing my post , me thinks I NEED ONE as well! LOL!

    • jblynn says:

      Prepare to be more confused, lol. Brennan’s new book DOES start a new series AND it follows a series. The Kincaid family stars in the “Evil” series. SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, FEAR NO EVIL. Lucy Kincaid is the victim, not heroine in FEAR NO EVIL. (I think she’s 18 or 19 in that book, but she’s older in the new book.)

      (Oh, and to further complicate matters, Jack Kincaid is the hero of Sudden Death.)

      Check out this page of Lisa Gardner’s site. It’s got her books listed in order.

      Hope that helps!

      So many running options! I hope you end up doing what works best for you!

      • RunningCompany says:

        CONFUSED!!!! thanks so much I appreciate it! NOT!
        I did not finish the “EVIL” series the one you gave me. Started did not finish the second ( creeped me out)- so I think I need to get creeped. Than read the 3rd in that series and THAN the other one.I know that makes sense to you….since I think your mind my work like mine which is ^^*^^%%$$##$%@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@
        As for my resolutions I am training ( not hard) but just the right pace for the marathon, but feel so inadequate , since 6 to 8 miles at a clip used to be nothing for me. My long run of 9 this weekend killed me 😦 —so my confidence is lacking.
        I am journaling.
        I have yet to find that inner piece ( and I looked for it at the Tourne and Loantaka -pout-
        Have not read the First Victim ( YET 🙂
        Congrats on the editing course- How long is it? Just dont stab that teacher with your pencil on those frustrating days! LOL
        I give you credit, you are bettering your craft and that is commendable.
        Txs for the new book – loving in so far 100
        pages in – in day…wanted to get to it today , but snow day means kids wanting to go sledding and a mom that wants to sit in a house with COFFEE and reading. They win.

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