Reading, Watching, Listening, Eating? 1-7-11

I’m going to start with EATING this week because I need your help. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to fill wonton skins with? Last week I did goat cheese and asparagus, which was good, and cheese and fake crab meat, which was excellent. I’m considering trying pb&j.

READING — Last week I read Kate Perry’s TEMPTED BY FATE. This week I’m reading Lisa Scottoline’s LOOK AGAIN.

WATCHING — 2nd season of FRINGE

LISTENING — Last week I listened to the audio book of Janet Evanovich’s HOW I WRITE (made me appreciate Stephen King’s ON WRITING that much more). This week I’m listening to the audio book of Emma Donoghue’s ROOM.

Your turn, what’s keeping you entertained and fed?

Don’t forget that Joann is blogging today at Killer Chicks and next week my interview with the stoic and studly Kate Perry will run on Tuesday and Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Listening, Eating? 1-7-11

  1. EATING: I’m looking forward to Sunday when DH will cook. He’s been taking one day a week and he’s turning into quite the chef. Of course, now he want to buy a chef’s outfit and a $500 set of knives. I may have created a monster.

    READING: Just finished A SUMMER AFFAIR by Elin Hilderbrand. I envy her ability to tell a compelling story. I get sucked in to her tales so easily and can’t put them down.

    WATCHING: Switching between The Vampire Diaries and Moonlight. Can you tell I need a series vampire fix?

  2. Jenny says:

    Eating: After a week of complete and total gluttony over the holidays, I really haven’t been eating much. Lots of fresh and salads and some lean meats, and that’s about it.

    Reading: Still making my way through The Talisman. I think this is my third read? But I haven’t read it in about 10 years… I still love the story.

    Watching: Waiting for Big Love season 5! Can’t wait to find out what my favorite polygamists are up to. I’m also on season 3 of Mad Men.

    Listening: Been playing a lot of piano these days, so I’ve been listening to myself playing… horribly.

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