Comfort food/reading

So what’s your favorite comfort food this time of year?

Rich eggnog?

Crispy Latkes?

I was in desperate need of some comfort this weekend so I turned to author Raeanne Thayne and her book A THUNDER CANYON CHRISTMAS to make me feel better for a couple of hours.  (yes, I actually do read occassionally read fiction that is devoid of death and violence – shocking, right?!?)

Ms. Thanyne consistently delivers “feel good” reads and this novel didn’t disappoint!

Who are your “comfort reads””?


8 thoughts on “Comfort food/reading

  1. RunningCompany says:

    Potato latkes and sweet potato lakes. 🙂
    Oh and Dove Chocolate.
    Reading, one of my fave funny running book – The Non – Marathoner Guide ( something like that) and Runner Handbook or dont HURL ‘The Notebook” (BEFORE it was made into lame movie)

  2. Joann says:

    I’m loving Starbucks peppermint mochas right now. Yummy. Horror during the winter is my favorite. Right now I’m reading The Shining. Good stuff!! I’m definitely looking for some Christmas stories without the blood and guts, though, so I’ll be checking out the one you mentioned.

  3. When it’s cold I go for a cappuccino with whipped cream and cinnamon. I can’t say I have a comfort read…sometimes if I’m really down I’ll read Sylvia Browne.

  4. jblynn says:

    Running –I’m guessing you mean The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais? Funniest/best running book evah imho. I read it multiple times per year.

    Joann — Oooh, I haven’t read The Shining in forever…if I do re-read it I’ll wait for the summer…cold enough already, thank you!

    Jennifer — even though I’m a massive coffee drinker, I don’t like cappuccino…or Starbucks. I’m a purist. Sylvia Browne the psychic??

  5. Melanie says:

    I still have so much reading to catch up on that I don’t have time to re-read yet. Though, I’ve been dying to re-visit The Mortal Instrument series. One day. One day. 🙂 I do love Dean Koontz and have not been in one of his stories forever. So, maybe I’ll pick up a new one of those.

  6. Cyndi says:

    Larry McMurtry novels. He reminds me that sometimes life (aka people) is just ridiculous and meant to be laughed at.

  7. Kate Perry says:

    Panetone and prosecco is Christmastime to me.

    Oddly, I don’t have a seasonal fave in books, but I do have movies. My sister and I watch Love Actually together every year, and Sound of Music is a must, isn’t it?

  8. jblynn says:

    Melanie — A Dean Koontz novel sounds wonderf ul!

    Cyndi — I could use that particular reminder on a daily basis!

    Kate — Totally! I’ve already watched The Sound of Music this year!!!!!! (and when I’m really blue I take down my Sound of Music Rejection Goat (so named because it helps me get thru writing rejections) and have Julie Andrews sing The Lonely Goat herd to me.

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