NaNoWriMo Prep — Productive Obsession

The word “obsession” brings two ideas to mind.

1) The Calvin Klein perfume

2) A crazy stalker

I’m going to encourage you to go with option 2 for the month of November (though option 1 might end up being a nice reward). I want you to be absolutely obsessed with your story.  Live and breathe your story for thirty days. Stalk it!

If your mind starts to wander and you start worrying about the way your in-laws are going to behave on Thanksgiving, put the thought out of your mind, and instead think about the difficulties your main character faces.  If you begin to think that now would be the perfect time to clean out your closet/garage/attic banish the thought, focusing instead on the mess your antagonist is intent on creating.

Obsess productively.

Eric Maisel wrote a whole book on the idea, but there isn’t time to sit around and read it…the NaNoWriMo countdown is on!  But there is a time to read this article he wrote about it. Check out his tips and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out about the power of bumper stickers.


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