NaNoWrimo Prep – Uniform, Materials, Rewards

Okay, your plot and characters are important and all, but have you given any thought to those things that will enable to get your story down? I’m talking about the unsung heroes of your daily writing world.

Mantra: I already mentioned a writing mantra. I happen to think having one can be important on those tough days when you “just don’t wanna” write. You could always steal from the great literary classic, “The Little Engine that Could”.  Repeat after me: I think I can. I think I can.

Uniform: This is going to be work. Have you chosen your uniform yet? Do you have a lucky hat, a comfy sweater, or an inspiring t-shirt that you throw on and feel like it’s time to get to work writing?

Materials:  Nothing interrupts writing flow like not being able to find a pen, or having your laptop battery die, or searching for Post Its. Gather everything you’re going to need. Make sure your pencils are sharpened, your battery is charged, and your notes are accessible.

Rewards: I know, I know, the work itself is its own reward, but like any job well done, you’re going to deserve a bonus at the end of this. Decide now what your reward will be. A book you’ve had an eye on? a fancy new journal? cupcakes? a piece of jewelry? a fountain pen?  When things get rough, don’t think twice about reminding yourself of what you’re going to earn if you stick with it. 

Now tell me, do you have a mantra or uniform ready to go? What material is a MUST for you when you sit down to write? Have you decided on the ways you’re going to reward yourself?

I don’t normally blog on the weekend, but tomorrow I’ll be posting about Productive Obsession and Sunday I’m going to share a secret about the Power of Bumper Stickers.



6 thoughts on “NaNoWrimo Prep – Uniform, Materials, Rewards

  1. Jenny says:

    You rock. I kind of wish of wish I was doing NaNo — I’m feeling all pumped up!

  2. RunningCompany says:


    National Training Start For A Marathon – AGAIN!!!!

    Mantra – a writer ” I think I can” and DLF is better than DNF 🙂
    Uniform – T-shirts, Caps, Hoodies, 2 pairs of Sneakers, LOTS of socks, gloves
    Rewards – Starbucks Lattes, Milkshakes, Pizza…..anything bad—oh and Cranberry Muffins ( I wish I had a recipe) Do you? I deleted all my addresses ( brilliant I know)

    • jblynn says:

      Hmmm…I might have a recipe, let me check 😉

      If I was ever going to get a tattoo “I think I can” would definitely be in the running.

      • RunningCompany says:

        Mine would be I think I can? ( with the question mark)—–but tatoo is my list of things I would never do.
        I can’t imagine that plastered above the crack in my butt, (because that is the “cool” place to get one) – as I push my walker (on wheels) up a hill when I am 80 years old.! 🙂

      • jblynn says:

        I’ve never seriously considered getting a tattoo (I change my mind too often) but I’m thinking if I ever got one a question mark would be tops on my list.

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