What is this Monday madness?

 For fifteen years The Baby Doll Strangler has terrorized the East Coast, abducting teenage girls and leaving their perfectly primped bodies for their families to find.   Fifteen years ago, one girl escaped him. 

That girl, now a 31-year-old woman, Emily Wright, believes she has also escaped the memories of her abduction, until a family emergency forces her back to her childhood home to care for her teenage sister. As she tries to build a relationship with a sister she barely knows, the nightmares of her abduction return. When a girl from her sister’s school is kidnapped, killed, and left on Emily’s doorstep, her paranoia goes into overdrive. 

Has her kidnapper resurfaced and returned to town too?           

Emily must decide who to trust: her girlhood crush Deputy Bailey O’Neill, the FBI agents who have failed to catch the killer in the past, or the only person who has defeated this monster before: herself.

Family secrets and small town rumors abound as the body count escalates and the killer draws closer to the Wright sisters.             

Time is running out and Emily must face her fears and unravel the secrets of her own kidnapping before her nightmares come true and she, or her sister, become the next victims of The Baby Doll Strangler.

To find out why I’ve posted this, check out today’s Killer Chicks post.


9 thoughts on “What is this Monday madness?

  1. Joann says:

    Jen, this sounds FANTASTIC!!! I was absolutely hooked from the first sentence. I’ll be first in line when it’s released. Yippee!!

  2. Melanie says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Yay!!! Congrats Jen…CONGRATS!!!! The story sounds soooooo good. Can’t wait to get my hands on it next year. God that seems forever away doesn’t it??? You go girl!!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! I can hardly wait to read this!!! It sounds terrific. Super cool Monday news!!

  4. Jenny says:

    Simply awesome. Thrilled for you!

  5. RunningCompany says:

    oh Jennifer…I am truly so happy for you. I know how much and how hard you worked for this kind of reward, its the ultimate payoff for hours,days, years of pounding away- you deserve this! I am so honored that I OWN a J.ELB autographed book- now I will HAVE to get a ereader to purchase this one :0 since last week you Killers chatted about bound or e-bound–Well when it comes to having a book published e-bound or bound does not matter, what matters is that you are touching people with your story, that must be such an amazing feeling. You are my “marathon” hero- since you have gone uphill, downhill, waited, (probably felt sick at times), loved what you were doing, wanted to band your head a few times etc… I cannot wait. Again congrats to you, I am so glad you are getting your due. Oh and “THANKS ALOT” for making me like Allison Brennan, Patterson—I guess that was in prep for you! 🙂 I am loving a genre I would never read ( although I do skim some parts, I am still a scaredy cat)

  6. RunningCompany says:

    ….meant BANG your head!
    🙂 so proud of you.

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