Monday Menu

I tried this recipe for Cajun Chicken and Andouille Soup and was not impressed, which was a disappointment because it’s not often I find andouille (which is a SPICY sausage) in my supermarket.

Think I’ll add some more sausage and veggies to the leftovers….

I’m also thinking this Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal recipe is going to be tried this week. Whatchya think?

Did you cook/eat anything good/bad this week?

Don’t forget it’s Status Check Monday over at Killer Chicks!


6 thoughts on “Monday Menu

  1. Amy says:

    Speaking of pumpkin, I need to buy some. We made these a few weeks ago and all the guys (3 small+1 large) and I devoured the batch in one night.

    They were SO GOOD. I will never bake normal chocolate chip cookies again. I told myself I was sneaking vegetables into their sweets, so it was okay for us to eat cookies for dinner. Right?

    • jblynn says:

      Right, Amy! Definitely counts as sneaking in veggies. I tried to buy more canned pumpkin this week, but there was none in the store. Hope there’s no repeat of last year’s shortage.

  2. Jenny says:

    I had the tastiest calamari in Portland last week. It was sauteed in sweet onions and green onions and came with a garlic sauce. SO GOOD.

  3. Joann says:

    It was a blah food week for us, unfortunately! It’s getting cooler here, though, so we’ll be breaking out the slow cooker recipes soon. Yummy.

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