Ad nonsense

Because when you think of what clothing you want for your Autumn wardrobe you think of invisible cardigans and riding pants?


6 thoughts on “Ad nonsense

  1. RunningCompany says:

    DAMN! DAMN! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! They used my body AGAIN!!!…….I am really getting fed up with this? Know a good lawyer? 🙂
    Yes this is what “I” think of at Autumn LOL…..especially what will I wear under my “riding pants” – the closest thing I’ll get to putting on riding pants is trying to avoid horse poopie on the walk/run trails of that wonderful park-we both know and love….I especially love in Autumn….soooooooo serene and pretty!—ummm
    made me just think of a song.
    ” I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name….lalalalalalalala….”

  2. Jenny says:

    Whatever she’s advertising, it isn’t the season.

  3. Maybe they’re actually asking for donations to clothe the poor naked girl. She certainly looks like she could use a cardigan and some riding pants.

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