Reading, Watching, Listening & Writing 9-28-10

Reading –Deadly Promises (stay tuned Laura Griffin will be putting in an appearance at Killer Chicks next month!)

Watching — Okay, I’m usually not a fan of Castle but this week’s gag about not giving someone a name that ends in “s” amused the hell out of me.

Listening — An EVIL person planted the suggestion of “Hello” by Lionel Richie in my head

Writing  — waffling btwn my current WIP and an old WIP I want to finish by the end of the year

What’s keeping you entertained?

Don’t forget to stop on by Killer Chicks to see what Jennifer Hillier has to say about banned books.


16 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Listening & Writing 9-28-10

  1. Jenny says:

    Reading: Horns by Joe Hill. I am loving this book! (And no, not because I’ve had a long-standing one-sided love affair with the author’s father…) This book is the perfect mix of funny and twisted and dark — which is the holy trinity, in my opinion.

    Watching: Criminals Minds! Law & Order SVU! Dexter! All my comfort foods are back for another season.

    Listening: Nothing this week, actually.

    Writing: Making good progress on the WIP, so much so I’m feeling a bit burned out. Taking a couple days off to recharge, which I promised myself I’d do when I crossed the 60k mark (which I did yesterday!)

  2. Joann says:

    Congrats on the 60k mark, Jenny!

    Reading: In Cold Blood (still – it’s a bit long).

    Watching: ditto Jenny – SVU, Criminal Minds, Dexter (OMG that first episode was FANTASTIC), also Glee (so far this season isn’t impressing me at all – so bummed).

    Listening: still Jar of Hearts, Storm, The Weary Kinda, It’s Not The Spotlight (going through a “I want to bawl” phase apparently).

    Writing: something confounding, surprising, exciting. Oh, and still working on the 2nd draft of WAM.

  3. Kate Perry says:

    So you’re saying you don’t want a clay sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head for Christmas?

  4. RunningCompany says:

    Reading: just finished “the Wonder Boys” – Michael Chapon, really well written, quirky and fun…( gave up AGAIN on Pillars of the Earth)
    Need a book NOW – have “The Passage” —any other suggestions?

    Watching : nada. Unless my boys forcing me to watch the “WWE” counts ( its so dumb!)

    Lisening: more 80’s – last night ” I ‘ll stop the world melt with you….you’ve seen the difference and its getting better all the time…”-by Modern English came on while on the mill. Had to keep hitting replay since it was such an awesome run song!
    “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?????” – now what cheesy EVIL person would put that song in your head??? Although, Lionel was the man at one point in time” -All night long, all night, all night,….alll night long…..” LOL

    • jblynn says:

      I would have pegged Running with the Night to be your favorite Lionel song, lol.

      I’m of the mind that it’s okay to give up on books. (I do it all the time.)

  5. RunningCompany says:

    meant to say gave up on “World Without End” – you need a notebook by you to follow people, timelines, etc….I gave up around page 200.

  6. The person who planted “Hello” is truly evil.

    Reading: The Lost Dogs (Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of RESCUE and REDEMPTION) by Jim Gorant

    Watching: Robin Hood ’10 (huge crush on Kevin Durand)

    Listening: I have SoundScapes because Lily loves to snooze with it on in the mornings and I’m all about my dog.

    Writing: Outlining one shiny new idea for NaNoWriMo in October, exploring new characters in yet another shiny new idea and revising my current manuscript with notes given at the writer’s retreat I attended.

    And damned if “Hello, is it me you’re looking for…” isn’t stuck in my head now.

      • Jenny says:

        “… and in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips… a thousand times
        I long to see you pass outside my door
        HELLO! It is me you’re looking for?”

        Damn you all.

      • jblynn says:

        Now if you just have dreams of the bust the girl was working on in the video, you’ll be firmly entrenched in my personal hell.

    • jblynn says:

      Jennie — Speaking of dogs….I LOVED Kevin Durand as Joshua in Dark Angel (he was part dog)

      On a serious note — my last dog was a rescued pit bull. Everyone was afraid of her, but the truth was all she ever wanted to do was be a cuddly lap dog. So many misconceptions about the breed. 😦

      Wow, you’ve got a lot on your writing plate. Good for you!

  7. RunningCompany says:

    ….love Running Down the Dream – Tom Petty ( its on my “run list) such another great one to get you in the mood.
    I forgot about that Lionel song…greeeeaaattttttt – THANKS ALOT – are EVIL!

    Thank you for permission to give up on books I tried…kind of like the DaVinci Code ( like the first two chapters..then wanted to shoot myself) never finished.
    Now I have Girl With Dragon Tatoo – did not start ( I am ‘guaranteed’ to love it) – whats your take. My guaranteer misses the mark on me all the time.

    • jblynn says:

      Gotchya Running! hehehe My plan to get a Lionel song stuck in everyone’s head is well on its way!

      I never got past the first couple of chapters of The Davinci code either.

      I won’t “guarantee” that you’ll like them, but a few people recommended the Lisa Lutz books (make sure you read them in order…pretty sure the first is The Spellman Files) and I really enjoyed them.

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