Reading, Watching, Listening, Writing 9-22-10

Reading — Trying to recharge my creative brain so I took a break from novels. It didn’t help. Looking for suggestions for something FUNNY to read.

Watching — The new tv season is here! Watched Castle on Monday. One of their worst episodes ever imho (and I EXPECT this show to limp along). Watched nothing new last night…wondering why I care that the new season is here….

Listening — For some reason the song stuck in my head this week is Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. I’m now fighting the urge to download Never Surrender by Corey Hart…

Writing Did I mention my creative brain is drained? Struggling with my work-in-progress because I’m worried the first book won’t sell and then the sequel is a waste of time. ((sigh))

I hope you had a more entertaining week. Tell me what kept your mind occupied!

And don’t forget to head over to KILLER CHICKS  where Jennifer Hillier is conducting a Battle of the Serial Killers: Hannibal vs. Dexter poll.


12 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Listening, Writing 9-22-10

  1. Joann says:

    Reading – In Cold Blood (If you’re looking for something funny, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy slays me)

    Watching – YES! New season! Glee last night. Love me some singin’ teens.

    Listening – STORM by Lifehouse. Makes me bawl every time.

    Writing – 2nd draft of WAM (lmao)

  2. Jenny says:

    Reading: Just finished ROCK PAPER TIGER by Lisa Brackmann. Downloaded a sample of Brady Udall’s THE LONELY POLYGAMIST. So far so good, will buy if the first few chapters are enticing.

    Watching: I’m a Gleek too! And sort of enjoying the new NIKITA. Waiting for DEXTER to start.

    Listening: I’m in an Eminem mood this week.

    Writing: Crossed the 50k mark f the WIP. It was extremely painful, I’m exhausted, and I just want to lie down now.

    • jblynn says:

      Jennifer – Eminem is good for dark, angry scenes — is that where you are in your WIP?

      Did you catch Criminal Minds last night? Donthchya just love Tim Curry as villain?

  3. RunningCompany says:

    Reading: The final in the trilogy “The Kill” ( you created a monster in me!).
    World Without End…still on my endtable another 60 pages down. It could seriously be a weapon.
    Funny Books – thats tough …I’m sure you’ve read David Sedaris, ( if not try him, hopefully you’ll appreciated his humor). Some memoirs are funny,( I am SURE Kate Gosslen’s is hysterical – the pure fact she has one is hysterical, and Paris Hilton’s.) I have read neither since I did not want to give myself a stomache from laughter.

    Watching: ZERO……TV just doenst do it for me anymore, I cant find a show to latch on too. 😦

    Listening: IPOD – totally different musics for getting my running groove somewhat back where it shoud be! 70’s, 80’s, current rock/pop , showtunes, Irish – my IPOD is definately variety!
    (btw THANKS now Safety Dance is in my head! Along with A-E -I -O-U ( remember that!) Also listening to wrestling twins ( just shoot me)

    Writing: this, if my fingernail had 1/2 your talent I would be a lucky gal!

    • jblynn says:

      Running — Yes I’ve read all of Sedaris. I find I like his older stuff better. Sorry I’ve gotten S-s-s-s-a-a-a-a-f-f-f-e-e-t-t-y Dance stuck in your head!

  4. Reading – oddly enough I’ve been most entertained this week by reading town ordinances from 1898 – when they charged 50 cents per wheel for a tax on wagons and passed a law allowing residents to keep goats and cattle

    Watching – Looking forward to The Big Bang Theory tonight. I hope the show can remain funny now that’s proven its popularity

    Listening – to the crickets chirp during last night’s blackout after a thunder storm

    Writing – working on a prequel to a sequel in my Icarus Reborn series

  5. Kate Perry says:

    Have you read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett?

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